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“Name a Book that’s Changed Your Life”/–Push Nevahda Review’s Response


It Depends on the subject matter really.

James Baldwin certainly sent me somewhere, a place I’m still trying to reconcile. But Cornel West’s critical essay (in he and Gates’ Future of the Race) “Black Strivings in a Twilight Civilization” had the most profound affect on my critical thinking, taught me a collection of value lessons inasmuch as how to assess black worth, love, value and commitment to the struggle, and how in fact the struggle is defined, and tantamount to other ethnic/racial ones at the international level – and the role the artist must play. The centrality of Jazz, Blues, Toni Morrison and John Coltrane’s connection to Tolstoy and other Russian artists.

Playwrights Arthur Miller, Ibsen, Albee, Hansberry spoke to my question of how to write the truth about people and places, how to pull back the layers and examine who and what we really are as human beings – Samuel Beckett’s tragicomedy, “Waiting for Godot”, sent me further in existential wrestling with the question of God. Toni Morrison and August Wilson changed my life too. Eric Williams (Capitalism & Slavery), John Blassingame’s (The Slave Community),  Manning Marable, all their works are  indispensable to my understanding of how I think about history, the black predicament (then and now), and how we arrived at this present point. But Baldwin had the broadest, most human meditation on love. “The Fire Next Time” (and Albert Raboteau’s “Slave Religion”, and Charles Mann’s “1491”) answered many questions which had worried me at the moment . And there are many other books. There can never be one single book.

Push Nevahda Review

Paperback & Hardback Books in a Technology Age

There is nothing like a Paperback & Hardback Book.

Many publishers having to compete with what’s going on in the Tech World. Writers are starting to put out their own books, cutting out the Middle Man. Keeping Money in their own pockets.

Readers not spending on physical books like they used to. Many readers now reading books for cheaper on digital devices and can carry a whole library of books on a digital devices. Thus reading more.

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White Screen Nooks & Kindles -vs-Color Nooks, Kindles, Ipads & Samsung Tablets for Reading

The Amazon Kindles are Great. The Ipads are Great. The Samsung Tablets are Great. The Barnes and Noble Nooks are Great. They all have Color Screens. Important for Apps & Videos Viewing.

But, if you are a Hardcore Reader, go for the Nooks & Kindles with the White Screens. The Battery Life is Much Better. Maybe 2X-3X Better. You can Read on them without Glares & in any kind of Lighting without tilting the Monitor a Certain Way to get Better Lighting. The Color Monitors are Very difficult to Read Outside in Sunlight. Many times, you have to adjust the Brightness level on Color Screens.

Overall, the White Screen Nooks & Kindles are a Better Reading Experience, Less Strain on Your Eyes & Better Battery Life.

In many ways, it is the closest we will get to Reading a Physical Book in A Digital Age.

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Relevant Education on Many Levels

School is not enough for Youth. They must learn trades. Jobs ain’t knocking on doors. Teach them to be financially sharp too. 

Find out what your child has a passion for, other than sports & entertainment.

Help develop it. Inspire them to 1 day make into a business.

What happen to Trades in School?

Without a trade, people in bad shape. We go down roads we never thought we would to survive. 

Talking Intelligent don’t mean anything, if we can’t survive in a hardcore world. We must all build our toolkit of skill sets.

No money or time to go back to school. Read, study, talk to old people, become apprentice, buy Kindle/Tablet, Download Free Ebooks from Amazon, Internet, etc.

People go to College, listen to Professors lecture, read, study, & take tests. What if you don’t have money or time for College?



Watch “Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan – The Master Teacher”




PT.1  – Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan – The Master Teacher


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Forget The Spotlight–Show The Youth The Light

The Youth come into a World that’s messed up before coming on earth.

If adults unify, plan, pool their talents, & everybody stay in their lanes in what they are good at, have expertise in, and all put their hands on the plow & contribute toward the hard work of doing productive things in our communities, we will see a big change in the cloudy picture before our eyes. 

The Youth take grown up examples of cooperation and determination to build & produce & many other things.

This is not a popularity contest. This is not about showng off. Adults must set the example for our youth. Our young people need trades and crafts, ways to make money & provide for themselves & their families.

Jobs are not being hand delivered. So Unity is needed now more than ever. A team spirit needed now more than ever. We must find ways to build each up. Not tear each other down. We must share knowledge with one another. Help one another out. Learn how to be thrifty. Make it off a little of nothing. We must learn how to pool our resources & invest in equipment to reproduce & manufacture things we have in our minds creatively. We are brilliant.

We must learn how to purify water. How to feed, clothe & shelter ourselves. We must learn how to take raw materials out the earth & convert to materials we can use in real life. Chemistry & other Math & Sciences must be at the top of our Educational List.

Adults must not buck each other for the spotlight. Ain’t no spotlight in this kind of work. It’s all about teamwork & doing something for ourselves & coming up from the foot of the world, & building some heaven on earth while we live. Why worry about the spotlight? Lights, camera, action. We ain’t got time to worry about that crap. Much more important things to focus on.

Unity is Powerful All The Time.


Watch “Silhouettes”/–by: Akil Dupont–New Award Winning Short Film!”


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“Reading to Children Very Early Is Important”/–by: Darrick Linton


I did not fair so well on standardized tests, and therefore, I became a Malcolm X, reading everything I could get my hands on.  I even carried a pocket dictionary with me, so I could improve my Etymology, particularly looking up those words I didn’t have a clue as to what they meant. 

Parents, read early to your children, so they will develop a knack and love for reading.  Then, make them read to you, asking pertinent questions such as who, when, what, where, why, how, and how many.  This will ensure you know whether or not they are comprehending what they have read.  This will also allow you to focus on those weak areas, and develop them more. 

As for math and science areas, put the children in some type of music program, where they read notes to play the instrument.  There has been a documentary that children that learn to read musical notes while playing an instrument do exceedingly better on standardized tests in the areas of math and science, than children who have no musical background at all.

Darrick Linton

The Youth is Not “A Lost Generation”

Folks say…

“The Youth A Lost Generation”

How they got lost?
We better find them
if not,
our Survival Slim
Ain’t no us,
without them.


Mental Math/–Dollar & Circle Technique

Our Children should be doing Algebra & Geometry much earlier. Geometry. A Circle. 360 degrees. Bust that down the middle. 180 degrees. Diameter. Same as half.

If it was a dollar bill, it would be 50 cents. Half is Half no matter what you dealing with. Only thing, word name changes. Bust that half down the middle again, you have 90 degrees. If it was a dollar, it would be 25 cents. Why in the world do we waste so much time, & not take our children to higher levels of math, just because schools go at a certain pace?

Never underestimate the brilliance of our children.

Rock that Circle & Dollar Bill Technique. See how your children dig it.


Music in Our Souls


(painting by: Aaron Douglass)–read his his bio

Why is music so important to Black people? We are music and music is us. We are creative and talented. From our soul, our essence, our core—what we Africans gave the world is unlike no other in the world. No matter what, our music has transcended time. From the glorious kingdoms of Africa, to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean (The Middle Passage) or the Indian Ocean as we were carried to foreign lands in slavery, our music has survived.

The music has survived pass the slavemasters whips, the cotton fields, tobacco fields, sugar cane fields, our music has survived.

Our music was and is our solid foundation to lean on in troubled times. Our music and God was our Mother & Father when we were motherless & fatherless in a foreign land.

Our beloved music soothed us to sleep when the nights were long & lonely. Our music stroked the fires of revolt in our souls to stand up and fight for our freedom.

The music of Africa pounded away reminding us we can keep going, reminding us we are who we are, reminding us Africa was our native land.

The music kept the beauty of Africa in our minds, hearts, and souls. The music was our counselor when everything seemed like there was no direction.

From the music we stood up, braced ourselves, shook the dust of cruelty, and all the evils of mankind, and got in beat with the music of Mother Africa, and made our own music.

Oh dear Mother Africa, we are your children. From you we are inspired to keep your music, your story,our story…pounding away with your rhythms, your lessons, your gifts.

Even though we are a long ways from you…your story, your heart, soul, and mind lives in us, and we live in your rhythms through the blues, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Gospel, House Music, Ballads, Bass, etc. We are giving to the world what you gave us. Your fire, your desire, your love is with us forever Mother Africa

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