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Peace of Mind in The Production Lab


Some people find peace of mind on a basketball court, some on a lake in a boat with their fishing pole/rod in the water, fishing or simply thinking, some take walks through the woods or hike up mountains, some jog or ride their bikes or cars for miles.

Everyone has their own special ways to find peace of mind.

I love reading, writing, poetry, spoken word, music (listening & making music), audio engineering, photography, film making.

This Production lab of Mine has many Purposes.

I Find Peace of Mind Here, but, This Lab is a Production Center as Well.

Jewels4dMind come Out This Lab…

Stay Tuned for what Will Come Out of It Next.

8:37 am

A Pearl Comes From a Grain of Sand


We gotta keep plugging away everyday
reaching for what we were put on the planet to be
holding on to sanity in an unsane world
we treasure hunt for pearls
not knowing
pearls come from a grain of sand
what does that mean
to every girl, boy, woman & man?
It means,
only by sacrifice,
struggle & hardwork,
do we get our dessert.

7:16 am

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Be Positive


Sports & Long Lasting Friendships/–Inspiration for Present & Future Youth.


My 2 great Nephews Kavan Thomas (wt Ball) & Kevis Thomas get in a Sunday Morning Workout.

Me & Best Childhood Friend Leevan Thomas, their Father had them going through various drills. It did not start out that way. Initially, we were just doing a throw around with the Football. But, within minutes, we were going all in–Running Passing routes. Well, to be real about it…Kavan & Kevis did that. Me & Leevan were the Old School Quarterbabcks & Drill Coordinators.

Neither one of us…Me or Leevan could hit our targets right on the mark initially wt the passes. The young bucks ran their perfect pass routes though.

Now, this thing was getting serious. How in the world we going to inspire them to be masters of the game and we off the mark with our passes?

After a few bad throws by both Pops Leevan Thomas & Unc, we had to get it together or we were about to look like “Dankies” like My Father/–Chief/–Coach Turner, used to call Jokers that couldn’t quite get it together in an exercise or some type of task at hand.

After a few Dankey Throws Pops & Unc got it together. We started hitting the Young Bucs right on The Mark as they ran through the Drills.

I asked Pops  Leevan Thomas if Kevis, his son, the Quarterback of his Championship Pop Warner team could throw against his body. Meaning, could he run one way, and throw against his body and hit the receiver dead on the mark. Leevan said….”Keith, they don’t call him Cam Newton for Nothing…Man, that joker bad…he don’t play wit em.”

I said “Nephew, let me see what you got.”

Just like Pops said, he was the real deal.

Kevis threw against his body with perfect skill. He has a very good arm. I told him to throw me a line drive. We were about 15 yards from each other and Kevis threw a line drive alright…the darn ball stung my hands when I caught it. Oh course, I was not a receiver in High School. I played Defensive End all my years of High School Football.

Kevis & Kavan had Pops & Uncle cover them as they ran routes. I have never played cornerback, safety or linebacker. Leevan played Linebacker in High school and was real good.

I call my self going to cover Kavan. That joker did a move off the line and tied Unc feet up & I fell right on my behind. Good Lawd…that was a Ugly Sight right there.

I got my behind back on the Quaterback side of things and let the Nephews run pass routes. I had to redeem myself from that Danky behind fall when I covered Kavan.

Now, I got the rock & Kevis the Reciever. Pops & I go over A Pass Route wt Young Brother Kevis. Pops tell his son Kevis, run full speed at Kavan, stop like he is going to catch the ball wt his hands out and continue the route. Kevis ran the route wt precision like Pops said & Kavan got lost in the action, temporarily. That was all the time needed. Kevis got behind Kavan Slightly. As this was going on, the ball was in the air and Kavan was recovering from the move and tried to get up high to catch the ball, but the ball was a perfect pass by Unc and got over his fingertips and hit Kevis dead in the hands….but, he dropped it.

From that point on, my passes were on the point.

Pops and Unc teamed up on other pass routes for Young Brother Kevis to Run….It was a great matchup between the Brothers…Big Brother & Little Brother.

Great Pass Routes & Great Coverage Between The Two Brothers.

Kavan is 13 and Kevis is 11. Kavan plays Wide Receiver & Linebacker for his Middle School and Kevis Plays Quarterback & Safety for his Pop Warner Team that won the Championship this Year.

12: 52 pm