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Applied Knowledge…is Most High

Applied Knowledge…is Most High
how many youth
have u cleared d eye
cloudy forms
miseducated minds
jewels lost
did u redirect they minds
give them jewels
to break out these man-made confines
talk & theory 4 d birds
realness & production
where the proof at
running mouth & shoes ova like a 4 leaf clover
wish upon a star
but never raising d bar
like a engine without d car.


Reading Deeper Than Surface Level

We must inspire our children to Love Reading. But, that is not going to happen with Boring Reading Material. Find something they have an interest in–half of the work is done. Children must also see adults around them reading. How can we expect children to fall in love with reading–if the house filled with a bunch of off-the-wall talk of grown people & no grown up reading going on?

Reading is about more than just surface reading. Reading is about extracting the meanings out of the words. Going below the surface and pulling out what the writer is trying to get across. Writers use many tools to paint pictures through words. Literal & Figurative Language, Context Clues, etc.

Ask the children questions about the material they read. Get them in the habit of expressing themselves orally and on paper.-


Strive For a Useful Education

Many people think because they finish high school–they good to go on the education. But really, graduation day is just the first step of a much longer learning journey.

We have to make school really work for us. Get as much out of it as we can.

Instead of taking a lot of off the wall classes that don’t amount to much as electives, we have to take classes we have a passion for and we can use in the real world.

As much as possible, one must equip themselves with as much technical skills as possible while the education is still free.


Surface Level Attraction

Surface Level Attraction

When you meet somebody & ya’ll attracted to each other, you better find out if they have goals in life.

Good looks only go but so far. Lack of vision, lack of goals, hobbies & passions cause rifts in relationships.

Boredom deep within people yearn for attention. Meet a person with good looks & bored with life, you got a mess on your hands.


Never Give Up Things You Have A Passion For

We must never give up on the things we have a passion for. A lot of negative crap come out of being bored. So we must fight against that. Knock the rust off those things we had a passion for that have gotten lost in the sands of time & grind. Oil them jokers up. Move the rusty parts around some. Get them back in good working order. This leaves no room for off the wall talk & off the wall listening (Gossip). So busy now, we don’t even have to tell the devil/negativity…to “get thee behind thee satan.” No room to work with/–so negativity has to take his/her raggedy behind somewhere else.