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Watch “Western African Kingdom (Ghana,Mali and Songhay)

The Youth. Lift Them Up.

Coming of age years
hard in a world like dis
ignorance bliss hit d face,
hard fist
who will go down in d pits of hell,
bring d youth out
ain’t nothing else matter
that’s what it b bout
career goals can fold
don’t be bought & sold
grab hold of 2 d youth
don’t let em fall
when they do
we gotta lift em up y’all
show em how
2 wear d victory cup
don’t cut em off,
teach em skills,
strengthen they wills
that’s how we get over dem hills.

12:24 pm

My Boyhood Treehouse…Start of Writer’s Mindset, even before becoming a Writer (A Memoir)

My Father was A Legendary High School Football & Basketball Coach & Teacher in North Florida. But, one Memory out of many that stand out in my Mind is this:

When I was about 9 years old, He built me a Treehouse in the Front Side Yard by the Main Street.

The Treehouse didn’t have sides or Top. It was Just A Floor. But, that was Great by Me. He put a ladder to the Treehouse on one of the Trees holding up the Treehouse.

As he built me the treehouse, he let me help him build it & we had good conversation as always.

My father never talked baby talk to me, even when I was a very small boy. He talked to me about real things. Shared his mind with me. Shared things with me, way ahead of my years.

After school, I would go up in the Treehouse & do my homework. Even took my German Shepard puppy named “Champ” up there with me. I always had my portable Radio with Me, listening to Soul Music. I took books up there, toys, all kind of stuff. I loved that Treehouse.

I was able to think up in that Treehouse. Think All kind of Thoughts. I loved stories then. I love stories now. My father was a great storyteller & he told me many stories. Stories of his childhood. Stories of his time as A Buffalo Soldier, fighting against the Germans in Italy & North Africa & The Japanese in the Philipines. He told me of his College Days at Bethune Cookman & stories about his many Championship teams over the years.

While in the Treehouse, I often dreamed of the things I would do when I got older. Instead of looking at it as a Treehouse, I looked at it as “My Dream House.”
It takes discipline as a writer to write for long hours without anyone around. If you can’t get off to yourself & concentrate & think & write as a writer, you won’t make it as a writer. I was able to get a good start with a writer’s mindset with my Treehouse way back then.

When friends came over, if I laid flat, they could not even see me. Sometimes, I would scare the mess out them jokers. Especially at night.

That Treehouse was a Chill Spot for Me.

Great Times.

12:32 pm

Message To Parents…”Youth & Goals”—Part 1

As parents, we must teach our children the value of money and to how properly get the best out of it as it relates to saving and investing. But more importantly, we must teach our children the value of having a skill/trade to make a living for their family. Many parents never sit down to tell their kids of the value of having skills/trades. Our skills/talents all spring from the burning desire or passion we all have as children. Some children are very artistic. Some children are very mechanically inclined. Other children have great leadership skills, and their peers look to them for ideas and direction. If we as parents look hard enough and pay close enough attention to the youth, we can tap into something great.

There is nothing more important than the youth and the elderly in society. The youth are our tomorrow—our hopes and dreams. They are really an extension of us–The Parents. The children have the mother and father’s make up—genetics, and their own talents all wrapped up into one little neat package. This is why the Ankh is so important to African people. This symbol is our symbol in the world. The bottom, the vertical part is the male principle. The top, the circle/womb is the female principle. And the middle—the line between the two is the child/future.

Never let your child’s God-given talents go to sleep. Stroke that fire in your children’s bellies. Go to the electronic store, pet store, hobby store, whatever store you need to dear parents. Instead of buying so many toys, buy those things that enhance the child’s God-given gifts. Talents turn to hobbies/trades, then Businesses. Once that happens, you will see your children running factories, shopping malls, sending semi-trucks across the country, ships across the open seas—All with goods that came from that fire/talents in your child. Be what God wanted you to be on earth parents—A protector/guide/disciplinarian for your children. Children are our future. Lay the base and they will make you proud.

5:20 pm