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The Music Helps Me Remember—Helps Us Remember.


Right now, I am listening to a KRS-1 song. It reminds me of the days when I was a teenager listening to music. I got the headphones on, the beats popping off in my head. I am all into the beats. Back then, we recorded Boom Box to Boom Box, maybe with Levan Thomas’s Boom Box facing mine with the Record Button on—or Steve Mackey’s Boom Box facing mine, recording Big Daddy Kane, Run DMC, Planet Rock, Cheap Thrills or some other powerful and tight song—might have been the Fat Boyz. Ain’t no telling what tight songs we recorded from each other.

The music moved us. The music inspired us. The music taught us. The music took us to other cities. Taught us what other people were going through. The music was our newspaper, our encyclopedia, our teacher, teaching us way more than we learned in school. That is Hip-Hop Music Folks.

We did breakdancing, talent shows, dreamed of making the Pros, dreamed of our future. We had dreams we wanted to do. It kept us off the streets. We wanted to be on TV and the Radio, Making Big Money, have pretty women, wear nice clothes. We all been there people—so why look all crazy when our young people want the same things right now—reach for the same things right now?

We got to be real, and look at things from their view/ and, at one time our view…it ain’t hard—because we been there. Only the years separate us from the young people. The years make grown people forget…trying to survive in a tough world.

The Music Helps Me Remember—Helps Us Remember.

Man, if you ain’t careful, this life will straight out whip your behind. As I think over the years, I can see now as a man–why so many older people used to be so aggravated, why they would cuss at the drop of a dime, why a man would sit on the corner and drink liquor like it is going out of style or how a woman would talk to her man like he is a little boy in public—Aggravation, Broken Dreams, Broken Souls, Broken Spirits. The UnReality of Fairytale Land, Broken Down The Seams.

The Music Helps Me Remember—Helps Us Remember.

9/ 5/2009
12:23 pm

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Sports Photography in My Life/–A Memoir.


Around 2001, I remember standing on The Sidelines of A High School Game wt A Canon G-1 Digital Point & Shoot Powershot Camera wt a External Flash.

I had worked my way to the Sidelines of one of the Teams. I just walked right on the Sidelines like I belonged there.

Remember now, I said I had a Canon Powershot G-1. 2.0-2.5/F-Stop Lens. In other words, the lens was a Great Low Light Lens. The only thing was, the camera looked no where near a Pro Photographer’s Camera. But, I went on anyway. I had a lot of Confidence in my ability to shoot Sports Photography. But, I was about to learn the hard way. Sports Photography is no walk in the Park. Especially wt a Small Camera & Short Lens.

So I had to Move up & down the field as the ball moved. I did not have a lens long enough to reach way out over the field.

Mind you now, I had 2 Pentax SLR Film Cameras… they were Smoke Screens/Diversionary Tactics. I came in the Sideline Gate wt 2 SLR Bodies, one wt 35-80mm & the other wt 80-200mm. They looked pretty impressive. Many Newspaper Photographers only had 1 SLR Camera. So me coming in with 2…6 Shooters on each Shoulder like a Cowboy in a Wild West Movie helped me Out Greatly in Getting on the Sideline.

Photography, Film Photography is a very Expensive Trade…and I surely did not have the type of money to put into developing & printing the many shots I would take this night at that High School Game.

I learned a lot that night. The photos came out OK. But, there was a lot to learn on shooting Sports Photography. But, each game I got better.

I shot every week after this game.

Created a Sports Website & It became Popular wt Students & The Community. Posted Photos from the Games Week to Week.

Matter of Fact. I shot from Pop Warner to College the Rest of the Year.

By the End of the Year, I found Myself Standing on the Very Team Sideline as they Played for the State Championship in The Florida State Seminoles “Doak Campbell Stadium.”

Mid Year Coaches from Pop Warner to College were Excited about Me Being on Their Sidelines shooting their Teams.

From here, it was “On & Popping” wt Me in Photography.

I can say now “I have shot Sports from “Pop Warner to Pro”…The Atlanta Falcons, The Jacksonville Jaguars, The New Orlean Saints, Tampa Bay Bucaneers, The Arizona Cardinals, and a few other Pro Football Teams.

I have lost count of the College Football Teams I have Shot.

I have Shot Dance for Many Years & Fashion as Well.

I Love Photography, almost as Much as I do Writing & Teaching, but not quite yet.

From Still Photography, I moved on to Video & Video Editing & Making Sports Highlight Videos.

Some of the Players in the Pros Today, I shot them in High School & College & Made Highlight Videos wt them In It.

Knowledge is All Around Us. Not Just The 4 Walls of A School.

2:27 pm

* Checkout: Sports/–& Ben Hill Rec. Center Sports (Atlanta, GA)

Watch “Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time (Boxing Documentary)”

Old People Stories Relevance in “New Day” Reality & Profound Art for Mental & Physical Freedom.

So many people think Old People Stories have No Relevance in this so-called “New Day”….REALITY CHECK…WRONG.

Old People Stories are More Powerful than any College in the World…no matter how many awards that So-Called Highest Learning College Might Obtain.

History Jabbing Us Right In The Face.

Old People Are Living, Walking Classrooms.

If We Want to Live, Learn how to Manuever & Strategize wt Internal Devils & Devils walking on 2’s, we “Betta Get at The Ole Folks.”

How Long do you/we think they gon be round?

Civil Rights of The Past is “Live in Living Color”…2014.

Pull Out that Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” album…..Pull Out that Curtis Mayfield. Go through his Solo albums. Pull Out Gil Scott-Heron, Bob Marley, Steve Wonder, The Last Poets, Pull Out Conscious MC’s from the late 1980’s & 90’s up to 2014 —KRS-1, Rakim, Nas, Dead Prez, Killah Priest, The Roots, Mos Def, The Fugees, X-Clan, Lauryn Hill, The Guru, Common, Cassidy, Dead Prez, Big Krit, Talib Kweli, Public Enemy, Sista Soldier, Professor Griff, and many More.

We not short of Conscious MC’s.

Dig into the Plays. Theatre….Pull Out Langston Hughes Plays, Zora Neale Hurston Plays, Leroi Jones/Amiri Baraka, August Wilson, Maya Angelou, Ossie & Ruby Dee & and many more.

Pull Out Our Great DJELI’S/Griots (Griots-French name/Oral Historian)….JA Rogers, Arthur Shomburg, Dr. Leo Hansberry, Dr. Chancellor Williams, Dr. Willis Huggins of The Old Harlem History Club, John G. Jackson, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ben, Dr. W.E.B. Dubois, George GM James, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, CLR James, George Padmore, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. Walter Rodney and many other Historians.

Pull Out Our Freedom Fighters…Nat Turner, Toussant L Overture, Desalines, Boukman, Granny Nanny, Yaa Astantewa, Mary McCleod Bethune, Ida B. Wells, Fanny Lou Hamer, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, (Farrakan, living right now–listen to that brother)….and so many more.

Pull Out Our Writers & Poets…..

We must never think we can outrun the long arms of history. We are connected…the past, the present & future.

(Oh, by the way…I got that Marvin Gaye….”What’s Going On” album pumping in my Headphones as I write.)

Love Y’all Family….let’s keep our heads up. Unite, lookout for each other & defend for each other.

Disunity. Forget that.

8:17 am

Saturday Morning Oil Changes at Lawson’s Gas Station

((( A Memoir )))

Saturday, March 17, 1973

At 4 years old, I remember asking daddy could I stay in the car at Lawson’s Gas station as the car got an oil change.  The gas station attendant name was Mr. Charlie. He was white & from the Bahamas.  He had a Caribbean accent.  But, anyways he told daddy it was not any danger in me going up with the car.  Daddy said “Hey man, don’t bother around with that gear shift.  Other than that you good to go.”

It was awesome seeing the car being pumped up.  The car started off on ground level, and then Mr. Charlie reached over on the nearby wall and pulled a lever. I heard an air pressure sound.  I guess it was hydraulic. The car slowly began to move up in the air.  As it did, I reached out the car window and said “hey daddy, touch my hand.”  He did. I would grab it. Then, I let it go. 

Daddy most times, would let me experiment, and be as adventurous as I wanted be.  Only did he say anything, if danger presented itself. 

As I went up with the car, I remember the feeling that I had–I wanted to stay up there for a long time.  Now, I was even taller than Daddy and Mr. Charlie.  Right across the street was Brooklyn Church.  I was up in the air, way up pass window level on the church.  It was amazing to be up that high.

Once I got up in the air, I climbed up front with my little radio that I kept with me everywhere I went. I turned it on.  Most times, Motown music would be playing.

Here I am Lil Man, now, in the air in my own world.  Just like daddy told me, I did not bother that gearshift.  But, I did get in the driver’s seat, even though I could not see over the dashboard. 

Most times I would just stand up and hold the steering wheel and pretend I was driving like I saw daddy and mama do.  Daddy, would always keep his eyes straight ahead, and when anybody called him while driving, he did not even look to see who it was.  He would just throw up one finger to acknowledge to the caller that he heard them.  Years later when I got older, friends would say “man when Chief be riding, he don’t turn that head for nobody.”

Every now and then while up in the air at the gas station, daddy would say “how is it going lil man?…”fine”, I would say.

Sometimes, daddy would reach up and hand me a soda or some chips. 

Man, those were the days.

1973 (Memoir)