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Storytelling from “The Deep South”

I wish I could fully explain how happy I am knowing so much Great Writing is coming up out “The South.” In a Major Way. A World Music came up out “The Deep South.”–Blues, Jazz, Poetry, Storytelling from the Elders, telling Life Stories on Front Porches and at Family Reunions.

As quiet as it is kept, the whole world knows the impact of music, writing & storytelling that came up out “The Deep South” and STILL COMING UP OUT THE DEEP SOUTH.

JUST KEEP your Eyes & Ears Penned Back & Stay Tuned for Books with Great Stories, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Plays, Film Making & Much More.

The Next Renaissance of Literature Is All The Way Live, Right Now.

A Southern Renaissance or Shall We Say “A Continuation of Awesome Storytelling In Music & In Literature & Film Making.”

2:03 pm

Maya Angelou’s Mighty Work

I Love Maya Angelou’s Works, Sacrifices & Hardwork. She ain’t going nowhere. Body No Longer Here. But, can we turn off Electricity? No. Infinite. We Celebrate her Life Works.

As long as Our Children Remember her Life & Works, she still lives. Just as all our Ancestors who did a Mighty Work, while Walking the Earth in Flesh.

9:02 pm

Maya Angelou–Joins on to The Ancestor’s Realm at 86 years old Today. /–Listen to her 1987 Audio Interview.


Maya Angelou’s 1987–audio interview–wma audio download link-Google WMA Free Converter Software, if on Mac Computer.

Mixed Tape & Spoken Word/–Present Day Mindless Radio

Look like now we got to make old school mixed tapes or know somebody who can put them together for us. I am so glad to have so much music.

When I have time or a day to do so, I put together my own old school mixed Mp3 folders of music I like to go on my phone & tablets or Mp3 players (the cd player is about dead). I break the folders down by category. Jazz, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Contemporary Jazz, Straight Forward Jazz, Conscious Hip-Hop, Spoken Word.

Ain’t nothing on the Radio now these days but a bunch of 3 words songs wt tight beats or hook filled songs. Mindless Music. I cant get down wt that. Spoken Word, might just be our last bit of Sanity in Music. Even if it is spit Acapella. Bringing in a tight beat is even better.

Spoken Word Artists are The Light in This Instant Grit Society. Made to Dumb Folk down to Mindless Spenders feeding the Beast.

11:52 am

Barber Shop Tales/–“She Asked Me To Buy Flowers”

Ole Man Busta said he wanted to Read A Poem he had been working on for a Few Weeks.

We all quieted down for Ole Man Busta as he coughed & cleared his throat to drop some Jewels on the brothers the other day down at the Barber Shop.

Ole Man Busta broke off the lines & you could hear a Rat Piss Carpet.
” She Asked Me to Buy Flowers

She asked me
to Buy Flowers
to show
I brought her a Video Camera
to Make The Movies
she said
she always wanted to Make

She asked me to
Buy Flowers
to show
I brought her
Paint & Canvas
to Paint the World
She had Inside herself
Begging to Come out on Canvas 

She asked be to Buy
Flowers & A Card
with Beautiful Words
to show
I wrote her A Poem
from the Deepest Place
in my Heart
I got Real Close
said them in her Ears

She Asked me
To Buy Flowers
to Show 

what she asked Me to Buy
But I can’t

I Wish she Understood
I have listened
to her Real Heart Desires
The Whole Time

I Love Her

I am not
making another Man Rich with False Symbols of Love

He does not Know
her Beautiful Heart & Desires
Like I Do.”

12:06 pm

African-American Authors of Memoir/Autobiography Genre

There is a lot of Urban Fiction Books out Today. But, who has Read the Memoirs/Autobiographies of African-American Authors that mastered the Memoir/Autobiography as a Writing form?

Writers like Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Richard Wright, Gordon Parks, Maya Angelou & others.

You talking about Masterful Writing. Their books are like looking at Movies. You forget you Reading.

These Authors have Written numerous books. Check them out sometimes.

9:23 am

2014 Mother’s Day Tribute Video-by Raphael Ashanti

“2014 Mother’s Day Tribute” – by Raphael Ashanti–Song “My Mother-Anna’s Song”–feat. Beanie Brown–from his “Love & Life” Album

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Watch “Eddie & Alexandra Jenkins” Wedding Video–May 3, 2014 (Atlanta, Ga)

“Eddie & Alexandra Jenkins” Wedding Video–May 3, 2014 (Atlanta, Ga)

Bout That Truth–Volume 5 Mixed Conscious Tape Album–Mp3 Download Link

Bout That Truth–Volume 5-Mixed Conscious Tape Album Download Link