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Reading/–Zora Neale Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God”


I am hooked real early in this book. I just started reading it a few minutes ago. Normally, this my writing time (early morning hours). But, for the next few early mornings, Me & Zora Neale Hurston going to be hanging out. I will get back to my writings soon enough.

I have already read 2 of her books and loved both of them. “Mules and Men” and her Autobiography–“Dust Tracks on A Road” (One of the Best Books I Ever Read).

Zora Neal Hurston is one of my favorite writers, along with Langston Hughes, Melvin Tolson, Gordon Parks, Maya Angelou, Richard Wright, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Dr. Chancellor Williams, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee…Let me just stop this talk about one of my favorite writers. I got too many to name.

There are plenty great black writers. But, you won’t hear bout them in school or the media that much, maybe no time. That’s how we wind up a fool. That’s how we come out a slave tool. Consumer mode, log sitting toad. Idle, non-productive. We got to see & hear us on high to want to go high. If not we inside die. All we worry bout den is “d sweet bye & bye.”–Look at TV, locked in on d lie. Sex, lies & killing 24/7. Reality Shows, that ain’t even reality. Then, wonder how we got this trivial mentality.

We must read our great writers & the not so great writers of our people. We all got stories to tell. And they all worth hearing. Much better & realer than Holly-Weird (Hollywood).

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Zora Neale Hurston’s/–Autobiography/–“Dust Tracks on A Road” post on Jewels4dmind’s Blog

A Pearl Comes From A Grain of Sand

We gotta keep plugging away everyday/–reaching 4 what we were put on d planet 2 b/–holding on to sanity in an unsane world/–we treasure hunt 4 pearls/–not knowing/–pearls come 4rm a grain of sand/–what does that mean 2 every girl, boy, woman, & man?/–It means, only by sacrifice, struggle & hardwork, do we get our dessert.

7:16 am

Builders are Not Mouth Champs

Do we really want 2 see change/–or just running our mouth/–if we ain’t making real moves, we idle/–what come out of that/–we yell at d top of our lungs 4 d other man 2 come up wt a plan/–we only coming thru life 1 time/–but we think we like a cat wt 9 lives/–delusional/–fairytales/–really scary tales/–generations unborn, will judge us now/–we better get off knees on d bow/–unify & turn over d hard soil, drop seeds, watch em grow, & say “Wow”

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Football Camp Photos-April 13, 2014–Rising Seniors-High School (Atlanta, GA)–Photos by: S. Keith Turner (Jewels4dmind)


*Click Below Link to See Photo Gallery

All I Wanted to Do–“Was Get Grown”–That Grown Thing Serious.


When I was a young—-all I wanted to do was hurry up and get grown. I felt like there was a certain amount of freedom I would attain once I got out on my own. It never really entered my mind of all the responsibilities of being grown. I went with daddy to pay bills from as far back as I can remember. Payday was one of the happiest and saddest days of the month for daddy. I mentioned the words “happiest and saddest”. I must add in the word “aggravated”. He would often say as we made or rounds paying bills, “son, most of the paycheck is spent way before I even get it”. Weed, Town Square, Western Auto, Glickman, Jackson’s, and other stores had to be paid. We had credit accounts with them. What he meant was after paying them, there was hardly anything moneywise left to save.

On payday, we would get a lot of groceries. Sometimes, we got a lot of groceries at once from Town Square. Other times, daddy would buy the bulk of the groceries at Winn Dixie or A&P. He brought those with cash trying as best he could to stay out of debt. The aggravating thing about when he brought the bulk of groceries at Town Square, he still owed from groceries on another month. Groceries were always gone by the second week after payday. Daddy got paid once a month as a teacher at the Middle School. Mama didn’t work. By the third week, we were right back getting groceries on credit from Weed or Town Square.

We spent a lot of time at lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers trying to catch fish. Daddy felt like the more he could catch fish—the less we would have to go to the grocery store. Daddy was very creative with cooking the fish we caught—fish baked, fried, or steamed with baked beans, vegetables, salad, etc. It was always a struggle with us. But, we survived.

Daddy and Mama would often take chances at betting at the Dogtrack. They risked losing. But, there was also a good chance of winning. Daddy bettered their chances of winning by spending most of the day “working on that Dogbook”. He was a strategist for sure. Most people would put no serious thought into the dogs they bet/gambled on. At the most they would just go by some superstition as they good luck chances of winning. Or they would just bet at random. Many black people go to the Root Lady, carry a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot, wear a lucky shirt or something. The dogtrack was another way of Daddy and Mama trying to keep the family running.

Then, there was Uncle Spoat (The community loan shark—charging $.25 on the dollar). He was the local community bank…a one man show. If you borrowed money from him, say $100, when you paid him back, you had to pay him $125. He made money on the interest. With Uncle Spoat you could not get away with not paying him on the designated pay date. With other credit accounts, daddy might pay only 75% of the bill or only 50%…but that was not going to happen with Uncle Spoat. Spoat was going to get his…for real. He would knock on your door, follow you all over town, come to your house, hit that very distinctive truck horn until you come out with his money. When you hear that horn, you know what time it was—Spoat was there to get that paper/money.


1970’s Conscious Black Music…

The Other Side of Motown–(The Underground)–Soul Music At It’s Best with Relevant Lyrics.

Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, Gil Scott-Heron, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye (What’s Going On Album), Steve Wonder, James Brown, Bob Marley, The Last Poets.

Study these Artists Music Black People. Study What was going on in the Country at the time. What time this was for us as a people in this Period. The Civil Rights days (the 1960’s was over).

A New Decade. The 1970’s.

Schools being integrated, Rhythmic Music, Fancy Dance Moves of Motown Artists & Love Songs of Motown played on the Radio Day & Night. Feel Good Music. Great Music.

The Other Side of Motown–Conscious Black Music, Soulful Black Music–The Black Newspaper–The What’s Happening Music–Soulful Relevant Black Music…..we needed it then to keep us centered as a people and we need it now…..If it’s played on the Radio or Not.

3:46 am

Sport and Play. Is It Life Changing?

Go to a basketball game where the team got win streak going on
line outside the gym– long
go to the same gym next day
Math & Science fair going on
students got to inward be motivated strong
what happen to the long line
we wonder why everybody in the world kick our behind
Math & Science put on the
fast money on everybody’s mind
support the sports star
maybe one day
they buy you a car
support the scientists
maybe one day,
they save your life
these games we playing like rolling dice
game of chances
like playing one in the chamber
pull d trigger,
see how it turn out
never can tell
might get your mind blowed out
that’s the games we play
putting lights, camera, action before whats real
that’s why our behinds always attached to a kick with everyone’s show heel.

12/ 5/2011
9:14 am

Gil Scott-Heron


People Only Support Rich Artists

Sad Truth. Many Times, The Rich Artists got Big Money Boyz “Dumbed Down” Agenda All Up in Their Art.

Truth Dropping Artists–The Underground/–The Poor Righteous Teachers, catch a hard time putting their last money in their craft to further promote it.

So Much More Could Be Done, if People Supported Them, when the Support is Needed Most, while they are Young. After they are Dead & Approved by Big Money Boyz (& not a threat), do Our People Idol Worship & Throw them in Black History Month Program Line-Ups & Talk about them In Kwanzaa and say “Ashe.”

2:08 am

Education on Many Levels

School not enough for Youth. Make sure they learn trades. Jobs ain’t knocking on doors. Teach them to be financially sharp too.

Find out what your child has a passion for, other than sports/entertainment/Help develop it/Inspire them to 1 day make into a business.

What happen to trades in School? Without a trade, people in bad shape. They go down roads they never thought they would to survive. 

150-200 years b4 Christopher Columbus Daddy & Mama hooked up, African Professors sometimes taught 10 Subjects in W. African Universities.

Talking Intelligent don’t mean anything, if we can’t survive in a hardcore world. We must all build our toolkit of skill sets.

No money or time 2 go back 2 school. Read, study, talk 2 old ppl, become apprentice, buy Kindle/Tablet, download free ebooks–Amazon. 

People go 2 College, listen 2 Professor lecture, read, study, take tests. What if u don’t have money or time for College? SELF-STUDY.