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Knights in Shining Armour

Knights in Shining Armour
do they really exist
or another way our minds
twisted in a wild land?
What is a Man Really About…
Money, Material & Clout?

Knights in Shining Armour
in the Land of Money
Dollar Value,
ain’t even a dollar
so if manhood based dollar
he jacked up,
grabbed right under d collar
stressed out on manhood.

POW’s (Prisoners of War) in a foreign land
Knights in Shining Armour
do they really exist?

Trades put on d backburner in school
will a job fall out d sky in folks lap?
Hell No…
that’s crap

Our young girls
inticed to believe in Knights in Shining Armour
but not inspired to have a brain that’s lame
Damsels in Distress
“here comes A Knight in Shining Armour
to save the day”
Child’s play,
carried into d Adult World
much foolishness unhurled

We got to wake up
Man & Woman got to focus,
learn trades,
& make jobs for Self
In Fairytale Land
We got to have a real plan
Both Woman & Man.

4:39 pm

Life’s Ups & Downs/–We Learn from Both & Keep It Moving.

Life something ain’t it?
Ups & & Downs 4 sho
thru it all, we still flo
how else we gon grow?
money saved up
& just that quick,
we blow
even then,
we gotta go wt d flo
pain in d brain
make us grow
life lessons,
ain’t no walk in d park
life bright & dark
beautiful waters
& filled wt sharks
easy or hard
life lessons, blessings.


The Trail of Hip-Hop from Mother Africa

Hip-Hop, d griot (oral historian), d slavemaster tried 2 take out/–fish still swim upstream, no caught trout/–that joker don’t know what it b bout/–we children of d sun/–we ain’t weanies on bun/–breakdance, fist 2 tabletop, human beatbox, streetball, we still standing tall/–caveman came 2 Africa cause he was on crawl/–he needed d light of Africa, so he could stand tall/–Ice, void of life/–that how dat joker got in all kind of vice/–now we rolling dice on concrete jungles in a foreign land/–everyday hard as a baseball bat, caveman cause that/–where do we go 4rm here/–black folk don’t fear/–d ancestors said 4rm d bottom, we coming up/–they words don’t slip/–we gotta get hip/–drop d joint & d sip/–let common sense rip/–lock hands now on dat Freedom Trip.

8:28 am

Harriet Tubman on the Move wt Her People


I Ain’t Worried About A Tight Track/Beat No More–I got Infinite Beat Within

I was born in 1969

I always wanted to be a drummer. Every since I was a little boy. Beats Beat inside of me. Always have from as long as I can remember.

I have always had a love of stories, words and beats.. when combined, even more so. We talking music. 

I am a writer and spoken word artist.

When I didn’t have the money to get a drum, I used an Oatmeal Box. We talking now 4 or 5 years old. I had to beat out the rhythms inside of me. I would spend hours on my back step beating away on that Oatmeal Box. Quaker Oatmeal Box–The round one.

I got a little older, around 1977-1981, I was between the ages of 8-12. Rap music was on the scene by then…Kurtis Blow, Run DMC, Whodini, Kool Moe Dee, LL Kool J, The Jonzun Crew, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Force MD’s, Roxanne Shante, The Fat Boys etc–Songs like Planet Rock, Pac Jam, Egypt, Electric Kingdom, It’s Like That & That’s The Way It Is, huh (Run DMC)….you talking Timeless Rap, I WAS ALL UP in to It…..

There was Breakdancing, Beats on a Table wt Fists Competitions, Beat Box Competitions, Boom Box Loud Contests, Clowning on Each other Competitons, Rapping Contests, Breakdancing Contests.

Geat times. Nobody was getting shot during all these fierce battles in Rap Culture. Was no Playa Hating. If you got you butt whipped in the Battle, you went home and worked hard on your craft and came back at it.

Everybody knew you was working hard on your craft with whipped behind.  You came back for more…with tighter skills. That was our version of “Thrilla in Manilla”–Muhammad Ali Style.

As a Spoken Word Artist, even in my older age, I get aggravated sometimes about not having tracks to spit my poetry over.

But guess what family?…No More. As of today 3/26/2014, no more worrying about beats to spit my poetry over.

I am going back to my younger days and the Beats Within Me…That is an Infinite Flame/Beat.

My Poems, everyone of them, has a Rhythm/A Beat of it’s on.
The Poems Writing Me. I am Not Writing Them. FROM my Pen come the Stories they are going to tell. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Your Brother,

9:09 am

From High School Dropout, to Juvenile Bootcamp, to High School Diploma, to College, to Business Owner.

Eddie Bryant, one of my Students about to receive his GED (School Diploma). Graduation was at Tallahasse Community College. This is 1993.

Stay Tuned–he is about to publish a book of Poetry. His poetry is awesome. I told him I had some of his poems and essays as an 18 year old (he is 37 now). He didn’t believe me until I showed him.

I work with students most teachers give up on. Many drop out of school or they kicked out. Many times, I am told by administrators “Turner, if you can’t do anything with them, they are out for good. No more chances.”  I eventually tell them “don’t even call anymore, just send them. I want them all.”

Eddie came to my class from Boot Camp. A program that is supposed to give Young Men “Tough Love & Discipline, Military Style.” He and about 4 other young men came with him. 3 of them got their GED while in my class.

Eddie Graduated from my GED class on Florida A&M’s Campus and went on to Tallahasse Community College.

He now has his own business with his soon to be wife. I am real proud of this Brother.

He ain’t finish yet, many more Great things coming out this Black Man.

Stay Tuned for his book of Poetry. He is also writing his Autobiography.

6:43 am

Watch “Queen Nanny” of Jamaica

Queen Nanny of Jamaica

Who Knows Anything about The Old School “Mini Disc Player/Recorder?”


2014–Iphones, Mp3 Players, Androids to play Music. I still roll wt Mini Disc Player/Recorders. Old School. Awesome Playback/Recordings.

I got Androids & Mp3 players. Don’t get me wrong. I love Crystal Clear Sound.

Basically Mini Disc is a Minature CD, encased in a Floppy Disc like piece to protect the disc.

Google Mini Disc Players & Recorders.

True Sound Lovers can’t let them go. If you think I’m just talking the talk…Go to Amazon and see how much the old Audio Device cost Used. Look on Ebay as well.

If you have never heard MD sound quality, I feel bad for you. If you ever hear it, you will never be able to listen to Mp3 players, Iphones & Androids. Classic Sound.

I stay on the lookout for them.

5:07 pm

I Still Got Hope For Our Music. Timeless Lyrics.

With all the Hook Filled Songs & Trivial Singers & Rappers Out there on The Radio…….We Still got Some Artists Laying down Profound Lyrics & Music.

As long as these Djelis/Griots/Oral Historians/Timeless Lyricists Remain/We won’t go Insane/–d Slavemaster thought we was 100% cut off/–dude done lost his brain/–Mother Africa’s children, breaking ball & chain.

Listen to John Legend & The Roots version of “Little Ghetto Boy”. Listen to Black Thought of The Roots drop them bars/–putting healing balm on scars, kicking down mental bars, we getting ours/–QuestLove, on d Drums, hitting wt Power, Rhythm, Freedom/–pulling minds 4rm slums/–John Legend, coming in wt harmony in his voice/–Break Free Little Ghetto Boy, No Choice/–Mother Africa Ain’t Forgot You/–Lyrical Freedom Fighters Coming after You.

10:57 am

Watch “Half Past Autumn: The Life and Work of Gordon Parks”

Watch “Half Past Autumn: The Life and Work of Gordon Parks”