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Melvin Tolson–person Denzel Washington played in “The Great Debaters”


Melvin Tolson’s–bio pdf

Melvin Tolson’s–column excerpts from Caviar & Cabbage

Live Skilled Live Fulfilled: Stop Punishing Yourself

August Wilson–Legendary Playwright–(Pdf Text Interviews) & (WMA Audio Interviews & Documentaries)


August Wilson (April 27, 1945 – October 2, 2005) was an American playwright whose work included a series of ten plays, The Pittsburgh Cycle, for which he received two Pulitzer Prizes for Drama. Each is set in a different decade, depicting the comic and tragic aspects of the African-American experience in the twentieth century.–Wikipedia

August Wilson–Bio–Wikipedia weblink

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Old Man Speaks of the Freedom Train/–(KT-Jewels4dmind Spoken Word) Mp3 download link

School Tests. Weeding Out Process–(Jewels4dmind Spoken Word-wt-J-Dilla Beat)–Mp3 Download Link

“Love & Life” album by Raphael Ashanti–(featuring Beanie Brown)

Peace Family,

You might want to put the Album “Love & Life”– by Raphael Ashanti –(featuring Beanie Brown) on your Radar.

This Album is solid from beginning to end. Scheduled to be Released in March. I got the Pre-released Album in the mail the other day. I’m part of a group of Reviewers that will put in their votes for the Single to the Album. This is one of the hardest writing jobs I ever had. 12 Tracks to the Album. Hard as hell for me to pick The Single to the Album. Every one of the Songs can be the Single. What I am driving at: anyone of them can hold their own weight. Awesome story in each song. No 3 word songs on this album. No hook filled songs on here. Storytelling in this Album from wire to wire. Tight Production from wire to wire.

I feel bad, so bad about not being of much help in picking a Single for this album. The whole album is hyponotic. One of those albums you play again after the last track.

Stay Tuned for “Love & Life” by Raphael Ashanti
–(featuring Beanie Brown)

1:47 pm

“Running Back To You” from the Album (“Love & Life” by Raphael Ashanti)–featuring Beanie Brown

I don’t know if I can fully get across the feelings I’m feeling right now. So I won’t even try to. They say “A Grown Man Won’t Cry.”/–That’s a Lie–Visual/–I’m writing with Teary Eyes. Not tears of sadness though. VICTORY. Why do I say Victory?

Today’s Music is Dead in many ways. Looking at The Grammy’s proof of that. “The Underground”…The Music Big Money Boyz Flunkies Don’t Play, is Music’s only Hope. It Ain’t Going Nowhere, no matter, if u don’t hear it played Commercially.

Music Back where it belongs. Classic Music. Timeless Music. Stay Tuned for “Love & Life” album by Raphael Ashanti. Beanie Brown is featured in this Timeless album.

I’m listening to a song called “Running Back To You”. A song by one of my Best Friends (Raphael Ashanti) & Mentee (Beanie Brown) since he was 10 years old. He is a Grown Man now. 31 years old.

Proud of Both of My Brothers.

When ya’ll hear this song “Worth It” and Hear the Whole Album, u will see why.

Thank You Brothers.

6:27 pm

Our Quest for Truth…Away from Mother Africa


In our quest for truth and knowledge, we find that nation building among our ancestors are plentiful. We’ve been here before and the way forward lies in our spirit. All though this spirit has become dormant over the last 500 years ago.

If we look at the examples of Kemit, Nubia, Cush, Ashanti, Oya, Zulu, Malian, and Songhai Empires, we will see a common thread for their rise in human evolution. They not only knew the history of their people, they were guided by a belief in something greater than themselves. An educational socialization system that was based in spirituality. More importantly their fundamental spiritual basis and origins of their beliefs systems that permeated their entire cultures was Truth-Justice-Righteousness-Balance-Order-Harmony-Reciprocity. It mattered not that their beliefs systems differed slightly, the community of people within used these 7 virtues or Universal God laws as their purpose in life. Without these virtues there can be no unifying spirit because only through this can we find the collective spirit that moves us back to our true selves so that we can see our way forward. A Sankofa movement if you will.

Knowledge of ourselves without the connecting spirituality that binds us is just a futile attempt. This is why we can’t point to any sustaining nation building apparatus in the present day. Marcus Garvey being the largest organization of people of African descent in this hemisphere did in fact cultivate self sufficiency in our community. More African-American businesses, schools and institutions were born out of this movement than any other time in our history here. This movement was not based on religious dogma but on the collective plight of our people. The Nation is probably the closest nation building we have to use as an example, to study, to examine what is it that binds it and what is it that prevents it from spreading throughout our collective communities. Build upon it and do the works necessary to complete the mission.


Donald Blount

The Genius of Curtis Mayfield’s Music


The Genius of Curtis Mayfield & Johnny Pate in Making Timeless Music/Evergreen Music that touch 2014 & Beyond

When u get a chance…checkout some Curtis Mayfield…especially The Roots, Superfly and his Live Curtis  Album…checkout the drums and the way he implemented the instruments and the polyrhythms…Johnny Pate, Musical Arranger wt Brilliant Jazz Background was his man in many ways, arranging various instruments in the music of The Impressions.

Curtis was a singer, instrumentalist and poet/writer of The Impression. He wrote all their songs and many other singers songs that went on to be big hits. He played guitar.

Johnny had a Jazz background & he was on point wt composition & arrangent of instruments. Curtis came with song and guitar. Johnny brought it all together..strings…horns, woodwinds, precussion, etc–wt that Jazz background.

Curtis Mayfield…one of the best.

Curtis was set after working wt Johnny. He went Solo. The rest is history. Legendary status.