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Why This Happened To Me? (Book by: Author Robbie Miller) | read by KT:Jewels4dmind’s Podcasts


Why This Happened To Me (16 Page Sample Audio Reading–Mp3 Download Link)

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★Author Spotlight: Robbie Miller

Donald Goines. Legendary Urban Lit writer of the 1970’s wrote 14 books in a 5 year period.

Robbie Miller has written 3 books in less than a 1 year period.

He is somewhere between the Old School & New School Writers. He has a “Old Soul”…only 40 years old. He is a cross between Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Ice Berg Slim, Donald Goines, Sista Souljah (The Coldest Winter) & Teri Woods (True to the Game).

Now, I only give the above writers names as a reference point, so readers can get a feel of how great this brothers writings are–based Upon Legends in the Writing Craft.

He has a very unique writing style and storytellng approach of his own. No doubt about that. His stories bring you in and grab hold of you, and pull you right into his stories with him.

His descriptions are out of this world.

All 3 Volumes of his books are of his Life Story.

Put this Brother on Your Radar. He is definitely to be a Major Player in the Writing Game. Don’t Take My Word for it…check the Brother Out.


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PTA Meeting-vs-Black Friday–Well, “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”


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Toys Wrapped in Pretty Packages for Christmas


So many Christmas Trees will have Toys wrapped in Pretty Packages for Children. But Very Few Packages will have Something Educational in Them for The Children.

More than half of the Pretty Toys in The Pretty Packages will be Broken by The End of The Day. So Much Money Spent. 

Education put on The Backburner. It’s Okay to Throw Money Away on Christmas and Be In Debt for  a Little while. (Not for Real)–A Joke. But it Ain’t Funny.

Just maybe Some of The Money Should go Toward Educational Toys, Books or Technology. It just Might Save Broken Spirits and Broken Dreams of Children as they Go Into Adulthood.

Happy Holidays

Your Brother

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The Real The Real Story Behind The Industrial Age–Audio Documentary | Jewels4dmind’s Podcasts

Black Inventors List–Pdf ebook download link

Samsung Tablet-vs-Amazon Kindle

Samsung Tablet-vs-Amazon Kindle

Samsung Tablet wins the day, in my view because it has Bluetooth. It can download from Google Play App Store.

Amazon tries to Bullodog you into buying their apps. I like variety. Samsung lets me download from both. The Samsung has more technical advantages, and many other reasons.

Bluetooth allows you to add hardware, communicate with other Bluetooth devices and more.

Samsung has slot for SD card. So, instead of buying new Kindle when space run out, you buy new SD Card. I could go on and on, but Samsung Tablet win hands down.

I got the Samsung Tab 2–7 inch. But there is a 10 inch as well. Make sure to Download the Kindle app. Then, you have Kindle Store and App in your Tablet with more Technical Advantages over the Kindle Actual Device.

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3 Great Writers. 3 Great Books.

3 of my Favorite Writers

* Melvin B. Tolson (character Denzel Washington played in “The Great Debaters”). Melvin Tolson was a Prolific Writer & Poet. If you think he was Great as A Debate Coach, Checkout his Writings & Poetry. Checkout his “Caviar and Cabbage” book–Selected Columns he wrote in “The Washington Tribune” from 1937-1944. This was after his Debate Team at Wiley College in Texas had beaten The National Debate Team.

* Zora Neale Hurston–Checkout her Autobiography—“Dust Tracks On A Road”—one of the best Books I ever Read. I read it Twice. Got to the Last Page and Had to Read it Again. That Good.

*Langston Hughes—checkout “Langston Hughes Short Stories”

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