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Mind Fence

Reality Shows & hook filled songs/–short change d brain/–fast route 2 insane/–caught up/–what happen 2 common sense/–schools & church/–just as dense, mind fence.


The Daily Grind of Life Kills Something Within

The daily grind of life kills something within/–joy almost becomes a foreign word/–bills hit us 4rm everywhere/–dope fiends shoot up, saying “life ain’t fair”/–in a world of broken dreams/–everybody looking 4 escape routes/–looking 4 ways to be human again/–everything cost money, 4rm a child’s toy 2 a jar of honey/– money used 2 be born, live & die/–was life meant to be lived like this?/–Unity thru locked hands, put an end 2 this/–Life, then worth living, Earthly Bliss.

8:41 am

We Must Hold to Our Dreams, & Make Them Manifest

Never give up on your dreams. When you do, you let go parts of yourself each time.

You don’t pick dreams up off the ground like picking up rocks.

Dreams are a part of you from when you are little…almost like a body part. It is hard letting dreams go.

Are the things we let them go for really worth it, if it kills a part of who we are?

Our dreams are a reflection of who we really are.

10:03 am

What Goes on In Your Mind? Production or Destruction.

The quality of our thoughts…is the ultimate example of who we are. Be not fooled by the exterior. The exterior is only surface level.

What goes on in our minds? What do we think about? Do we think about unity and creativity? The Mind.

What goes on inside it? Output from thoughts in the mind, is the real example of who we are.

What goes on inside your mind? Production or Destruction?

10:21 am

The Real Value of Education


What good is Education–if it does not teach us how to be free? Diplomas & Degrees on a wall don’t mean anything, if we can not think, analyze, question, work on solutions to problems, & make things practical. Theory is a waste of time. Going through the motions of talking educated, trying to look educated, acting educated–is a waste of time. Put education to work. Build something. Produce something. Manufacture something. We talk too much as a people. We are Powerful when we Unite, & do something constructive. Black & Beautiful is Not Powerful–If we Disunited. We got to be about the work of doing something. George Washington Carver told his students at Tuskegee one day “stop talking so much—you never saw a heavy thinker with his mouth open.” Another day he said “when you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you’ll command the attention of the world.


Vocabulary Worksheets for Your Children wt Answer Keys–33 pages

Black Man Mental Zone Away From Home–poetry–audio

A Great And Mighty Walk/Dr. John Henrik Clarke–audio documentary

Education in America. Reflection of A Grown Up World. Time for Change for The Better.

We got to start earlier wt our Youth. By a certain age, if we don’t hit them wt reality knowledge, in many ways they finish. Our Youth are a Reflection of Education in America. Education in America ain’t hitting on crap. Lies taught to the Youth right from the jump. Parents have to stand up, and really in many ways take charge of their posts. They are the 1st teachers.

By the time Youth get to college (if they get to college), they have had many years of unreality teaching. Christopher Columbus, Easter Rabbits, Santa Claus, and all kind of foolishness.

Instant Grit Education where students are given calculators to work out problems. Not higher levels of math either. Just basic Math. Adding, subtraction, multiplying and dividing. Worksheets given out like candy on Halloween. Tests given out by teachers that don’t force students to think. True/False Tests. Instead of Definition & Essay Tests or even Oral Tests.

Many parents don’t inspire their children to read or inspire them to think. They show their children love wt trinkets. On Christmas, toys. Hardly anything educational.

This whole education thing a mess in America. Youth see grownups play the lottery. A game of chance. Grownups play the dogs at the dogtrack, gambling at casinos. All quick hit, get rich schemes. 

The Youth are reflections of society. Society as a whole is lazy. Big Money people dumb people down to willing and giving, mindless spenders.

What we Educators and Parents must do is break stuff down in real terms. No sugarcoating.

We have to keep these think tanks like we doing, and multiply that.

Let’s keep on keeping on this path toward knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Then, share that. So we can get up and do something productive in the world.

2:51 am

The African Family Under Seige/–Dr. John Henrik Clarke–audio