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Watch “Jewel Dropping by KT (Jewels4dmind)–3 Poems”

“The Successes of Marcus Garvey” by Akua Agusi


“The Successes of Marcus Garvey”

(Reads on Phones, Tablets & Computers)

Akua Agusi

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Listen to: “Jewel Dropping & Freedom Rocking-Poetry Collages”

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Watch “Post Thanksgiving Message” by KT (Jewels4dmind)

Post Thanksgiving Message by KT (Jewels4dmind)

Thanksgiving at Big Mama House


* Written in Dialect. There is a time & place for everything. Right Now, the Poet will Use his Creative Freedom in Telling You about His Big Mama at Thanksgiving Time.

I think all of Us have a Big Mama in Our Families.

Befo U eat yo food/–make show u pray/–stuff yo stomach so full, u have to lay/–Big Mama Food don’t play around/–she cook so good/–u stand in d kitchen, ready 2 eat like hound (hunting dog)/–Big Mama have 2 tell u get on 4rm around, let her do what she do/–that’s hard/–kitchen smell so good/–Big Mama don’t cut her words/–u understand her good/–Turkey done cooked all night/–dressing smelling real good/–u tossing & turning in yo sleep/–u think bout d creep/–if Big Mama turn her back for just 1 sec/–u feel like GI Joe, hitting d deck, low crawling, cause she gon have yo neck/–Big Mama/–GENERAL OF D Kitchen/–she sho is in charge/–Big Mama Cooking Skillz Large/–Just like her heart, sacrifice & hardwork is/–she brought us all thru d difficult years/–she don’t cut her words/–dey all muscle/–Big Mama fight 4 Right/–stay up all night wt u in Trouble Times, help u see d Light/–Thanksgiving at Big Mama House/–Sho Is Alright.

7:21 am

Watch “Reading is Fundamental”

7 Black Playwrights

Black Children & Youth Learn about William Shakespeare at School & through Media.

They Should also Learn about Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee, Melvin Van Peebles, Amiri Baraka & August Wilson as well…Black Playwrights, telling Our Story.

Don’t Depend on them Learning about Black Playwrights in School or through Media. Forget that. Buy books on the Black Playwrights, or Simply have your Children do Research on them with those Fancy Phones & Tablets via The Internet.

Tell them “Chill on the Games a Little Bit. By the End of the Week, you got to give me some Book Reports on a Few Black Playwrights.”

Our Children are Lucky if they have heard of Langston Hughes as a Playwright. Some may have heard him as a Poet.

There are 7 Black Playwrights on this List.

Our Children should be just as familiar with their works as they are with William Shakespeare’s work.

7:55 am



1) Get Down The Elders in Your Families Life Stories

2) Old People Stories Relevance in “New Day” Reality & Profound Art for Mental & Physical Freedom.

3) The Elders. A Library of Knowledge

4) Old People Stories & Think Tanks…Powerful

5) Back in The Day–Family Memoir–1920’s–1950’s

Be Real with The Youth/–Watch How Powerful They Become & Make a Difference in The World

We have to inspire our Youth to Create, to Write & Produce their own movies.

In a way, our youth already do it when they create the music videos. We have to just inspire them to put relevant lyrics in their music. We have to inspire them to read and not sugarcoat reality to them.

We have to break down the real from the unreal for the Youth during the time we have them under our care. Once they leave after 18 or so, that’s it.

We got to find out what they have a natural passion for other than entertainment, real early. Take them to hobby stores more than toys stores. Inspire them to be producers, manufacturers and inventors.

8:01 pm

Literary Renaissance–2015

We Had Motown in The 70’s.

But this Time, We Can Rock wt Literature.

This Might Sound Way Off to Some People.

There Are Some On Point Writers, Spoken Word Artists, Screenwriters, Playwrights, Poets, Essayists, Short Story Writers, Novelists Out Here.

Great Stories are not only told through Music.

Give Our Committed Artists A Chance to Be heard.  If people only knew the Great Stories they could be Reading, Hearing & Seeing from Our Artists with Books, Poems, Plays, Monologues, Short Stories, Films, Spoken Word Poems, Little Books…so much more.

If Our People Only knew the many hours of hardwork our Artists put into getting this Art Out. It is not their Art Alone. The Art comes through them. The kind of Art I am talking about, is not fabricated Art. I am talking about Artists that let themselves be Vessels, being only Conduits of the Infinite.

6:23 pm