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The Youth Ain’t No “Lost Generation”

Folks say:
The Youth “A Lost Generation”
How they got lost?
we better find them
if not,
our Survival
Ain’t no “Us”…
without “Them”



I Still Got Hope for Our Music. Timeless Lyrics.


With all the Hook Filled Songs & Trivial Singers & Rappers Out there on The Radio…We Still got Some Artists Laying down Profound Lyrics & Music.

As long as these Djelis/Griots/Oral Historians/Timeless Lyricists Remain/We won’t go Insane/–d Slavemaster thought we was 100% cut off/–dude done lost his brain/–Mother Africa’s children, breaking ball & chain.

Listen to John Legend & The Roots version of “Little Ghetto Boy.”
*(Original Version–Donny Hathaway–1970’s)

Listen to Black Thought of The Roots drop them bars/–putting healing balm on scars, kicking down mental bars, we getting ours/–QuestLove, on d Drums, hitting wt Power, Rhythm, Freedom/–pulling minds 4rm slums/–John Legend, coming in wt harmony in his voice/–Break Free Little Ghetto Boy, No Choice/–Mother Africa Ain’t Forgot You/–Lyrical Freedom Fighters Coming after You.

10:57 am

Watch “E:60 Cam Newton (Part 1 and 2)”

* Watch “E:60 Cam Newton (Part 1)”

* Watch “E:60 Cam Newton (Part 2)”

Be Aggressive for Knowledge

Don’t misjudge the quality of knowledge you can acquire. You might not have the money to go to college. Some of the world’s greatest men & women burned the midnight oil.

Be aggressive for knowledge, especially things you have a passion for. Buy books, search the on internet, go to workshops, talk to people with knowledge. Reach for knowledge, & work for it. It will work for you.


Watch “Chi-Raq Interviews w/ Nick Cannon and Teyonah Parris”

Watch “The Untold Story Behind the Making of Boyz N The Hood”–Written & Directed by John Singleton

Applied Knowledge…is Most High

Applied Knowledge…is Most High
how many youth
have u cleared they eye
cloudy forms
miseducated minds
jewels lost
did u redirect they minds
give them jewels
to break out these man-made confines
talk & theory 4 d birds
realness & production
where the proof at?
running mouth & shoes ova like a 4 leaf clover
wish upon a star
but never raising d bar
like a engine without d car.


Youth Education– Rote Learning in Real World–Is It Fit for A Squirrel?

Youth Education is one of the least talked about subjects. Big Conversations on material stuff, the latest Sports & Entertainment News & Gossip.

Mention Education & Trades for Our Children, Inspiring Children to Love Learning Trades, Loving Reading, Math, Science, Writing…”You Can Hear A Rat Piss on Carpet”, like my Aunt used to say.

What jobs await our Youth once they get out of School, if they get out of School? What trades do they have? How good is their Education? Can they use their Education in the Real World?

Youth must have Trades. They must be able to apply their Education to the Real World.

Rote learning is only Memorizing. Can they go to the board & explain what they are doing in Math? Can they explain themselves well on paper, orally & apply what they learn to Real Life?

7:01 am

Hip-Hop Music on Its Highest Level

Hip-Hop Music on Its Highest Level

Why do we still believe in Fairytales?
no matter d Age
caught up
in Mental & Physical Cages, Fads & Rages
we should b leaving glorious marks in d History Pages
that’s hard though in a world like this
so much Ignorance Bliss
hit us in d mouth,
right hand fist
So much built on Sport & Play
by d time we learn d game
head full of Grey
dumb stuff rule our lives everyday
God created us 2 b Masters on Earth
but we come into a world
where we never reach full worth
shiny things & diamond rings
put our minds in d sky
while we inside cry
joy & pain
neither 1
stay 2 long
so much precious time,
sex games
men & women play
both wrong
instant gratification
lies & miseducation
preachers in d pulpits
hands out
4 dollars & change
nobody breaking down a Unity Plan
Long Range
seems 2 b our lot
we in d hot pot
our children
never getting real education
mental rot
lies thrown in they face 4rm day 1
we wonder why so many carry d gun
guys glorified
4rm Bunny & Clyde–2 Scar Face–2 Al Capone
this Hell Right Here
doing right,
ain’t glorified
it’s kicked in d behind,
year after year
no wonder we can’t get in gear
d only real news
is in D Hip-Hop Underground
this crap called News
made 4 a Clown
Conscious Hip-Hop Music
is about Real Liberation
Rap, Love, Trap & Club Music
is what it is
made to dumb d people down
so Big Money Boyz
keep money bags loaded 2 d ground
our minds
messed up
not mentally sound
Real Music
never touch d Radio
so minds light up 4 Real
Real Artists
catch hell
paying d basic bills
but dat righteous word b on em–still
in they music
Knowledge & Inspiration Spill.