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How Storytelling is Not Dead & How “Smart Phones” Can Really Be Used to Be Smart & Productive

Storytelling is not gone forever because of tight beats & hook filled songs & reality shows.

There are some great writers putting out some great material in the form of plays, movies, monologues, podcasts, blogs, poetry, spoken word poetry, documentaries, relevant songs & raps, literary reviews, essays & many other forms.

Make sure your children & teens read a lot. Reading is powerful.

The children & teens have smart phones & tablets. Make sure they don’t just play games on them.

People call phones”Smart Phones.” I agree. They are SMART PHONES. If used in productive ways. These phones & tablets are very productive tools, if used productively.

Here are some of the things Phones & Tablets can be used to make:

* Films
* Podcasts
* Books (Print & Ebook)
* Blogs
* Movies & Documentaries & other types films
* Music
* Art
* Photography
* Audio Engineering
* Video Editing
* Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.)
Much More


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“The Successes of Marcus Garvey” by Akua Agusi


“The Successes of Marcus Garvey”

(Reads on Phones, Tablets & Computers)

Akua Agusi

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Print, Ebooks & The Onward March of Technology

Paperback & Hardback Books will always be around…just like Records in Music or CD’s. But, Technology keeps moving forward as well.

Ebooks are strong, no matter what one report shows.

Computers Manufacturers are cutting back real strong on putting CD drives in Computers…as Flash Drives & USB Drives become more in view. Cloud or Online Storage is playing a bigger role in Computers, Phones & Tablets.

Print Book Publishers know Paperbacks & Hardbacks are not where they used to be as Reader’s only Reading Tool Choice. Computers & Mobile Devices can’t be glossed over in a Digital Time Frame. Yes, people still like the feel of a Paperback or Hardback Book in their Hands. But, they also like the feel of a little more money in their pockets from buying the cheaper Ebooks & Reading them on their Mobile Devices & Computers. Readers are also able to carry whole Libraries of Ebooks in their Mobile Devices.

How many physical books can you carry in a book bag?

Portability is important for many people.

Paperback & Hardback Books put less strain on your Eyes. But, there are Ebook Readers with White Screens that put less strain on your Eyes than Color Monitors.

Print & Ebook are both strong. It just depends on what work for the readers. It’s all about choice & still getting great amounts of reading time in.

6:28 am

Ebooks, Digital Magazines & Digital Newspapers

Ebooks are Digital Books. They are Read on Phones, Tablets & Computers.

Many Major Magazines & Newspapers are Moving Toward Digital Magazines & Newspapers.

Jet Magazine is No Longer a Print Magazine.

Ebony is Still a Print Magazine. But, now they have a Digital Edition. There is no telling how long the Print Version of Ebony will be around.

Some people have never Read an Ebook, Digital Magazine or Newspaper. But, they use Social Media Everyday. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In One Breath, some people will say they are not into Ebooks, Digital Magazines & Newspapers, but Use Digital Mediums Everyday.

They will say they Love the Feel of Printed or Real Books Books in their Hands. I understand that fully. Nothing like feeling a book in your hands.

Phones, Tablets & Computers are Digital.

Ebooks, Digital Magazines & Newspapers have 2 Major Benefits. They are Cheaper than their Print Counterparts and you can carry a Whole Library of Ebooks, Magazines & Newspapers on your Digital Devices.

Digital Is Around Anyway. Proof–You are Reading this Post via Your Phone, Tablet or Computer.

5:48 am

Paperback & Hardback Books in a Technology Age

There is nothing like a Paperback & Hardback Book.

Many publishers having to compete with what’s going on in the Tech World. Writers are starting to put out their own books, cutting out the Middle Man. Keeping Money in their own pockets.

Readers not spending on physical books like they used to. Many readers now reading books for cheaper on digital devices and can carry a whole library of books on a digital devices. Thus reading more.

9:46 pm
White Screen Nooks & Kindles -vs-Color Nooks, Kindles, Ipads & Samsung Tablets for Reading

The Amazon Kindles are Great. The Ipads are Great. The Samsung Tablets are Great. The Barnes and Noble Nooks are Great. They all have Color Screens. Important for Apps & Videos Viewing.

But, if you are a Hardcore Reader, go for the Nooks & Kindles with the White Screens. The Battery Life is Much Better. Maybe 2X-3X Better. You can Read on them without Glares & in any kind of Lighting without tilting the Monitor a Certain Way to get Better Lighting. The Color Monitors are Very difficult to Read Outside in Sunlight. Many times, you have to adjust the Brightness level on Color Screens.

Overall, the White Screen Nooks & Kindles are a Better Reading Experience, Less Strain on Your Eyes & Better Battery Life.

In many ways, it is the closest we will get to Reading a Physical Book in A Digital Age.

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