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Relevant Education on Many Levels

School is not enough for Youth. They must learn trades. Jobs ain’t knocking on doors. Teach them to be financially sharp too. 

Find out what your child has a passion for, other than sports & entertainment.

Help develop it. Inspire them to 1 day make into a business.

What happen to Trades in School?

Without a trade, people in bad shape. We go down roads we never thought we would to survive. 

Talking Intelligent don’t mean anything, if we can’t survive in a hardcore world. We must all build our toolkit of skill sets.

No money or time to go back to school. Read, study, talk to old people, become apprentice, buy Kindle/Tablet, Download Free Ebooks from Amazon, Internet, etc.

People go to College, listen to Professors lecture, read, study, & take tests. What if you don’t have money or time for College?



“Reading to Children Very Early Is Important”/–by: Darrick Linton


I did not fair so well on standardized tests, and therefore, I became a Malcolm X, reading everything I could get my hands on.  I even carried a pocket dictionary with me, so I could improve my Etymology, particularly looking up those words I didn’t have a clue as to what they meant. 

Parents, read early to your children, so they will develop a knack and love for reading.  Then, make them read to you, asking pertinent questions such as who, when, what, where, why, how, and how many.  This will ensure you know whether or not they are comprehending what they have read.  This will also allow you to focus on those weak areas, and develop them more. 

As for math and science areas, put the children in some type of music program, where they read notes to play the instrument.  There has been a documentary that children that learn to read musical notes while playing an instrument do exceedingly better on standardized tests in the areas of math and science, than children who have no musical background at all.

Darrick Linton

“Lessons to The Young”/–by Jerrell Baker


1) Whenever idle…read. Waiting for an oil change, the bus, the toilet, have a book in your handle with a pen for notes in the margins, do not lose time to learn.

2) Never go to sleep without having learned something new that day. If you hit the pillow and haven’t learned something, get back up.

3) Being Hard-it’s easy to fail, all required, is for you to do nothing. However, it takes a warrior to win. Winning happens only with more effort, be it mental or physical, than your opponent. If he wins, he has worked harder or out thought you.

4) You will be an expert at whatever you spend a significant amount of time doing. If you watch TV for hours, daily or on your smart phone for hours…you’ll know every show, every function of that phone, but if you work math problems, you’ll be analytical and think 10 times faster than those around you… hence those good in math are rarely in conflict because conflicts are for those who are slow thinkers…true thinkers are problem solvers…

5) Learn to do something people need and few understand…

Jerrell Baker

Peace of Mind in The Production Lab


Some people find peace of mind on a basketball court, some on a lake in a boat with their fishing pole/rod in the water, fishing or simply thinking, some take walks through the woods or hike up mountains, some jog or ride their bikes or cars for miles.

Everyone has their own special ways to find peace of mind.

I love reading, writing, poetry, spoken word, music (listening & making music), audio engineering, photography, film making.

This Production lab of Mine has many Purposes.

I Find Peace of Mind Here, but, This Lab is a Production Center as Well.

Jewels4dMind come Out This Lab…

Stay Tuned for what Will Come Out of It Next.

8:37 am

Thanking God 4 Another Day Above Ground

“Thanking God 4 Another Day Above Ground/ His Love, Grace & Mercy Keeps Me Safe And Sound / Doing My Best Not 2 Sport A Frown / That’s Why I Do Push-Ups..Keeping All The Haters Down”.

Poem by: Victor Steadman Sr

Poetry is Underestimated/–Hip Your Children to Poetry Early.

Poetry in many forms. Many Folks just not aware of it. What in the world are songs/raps–but/poetry. You mention the word poetry around most youth/–they frown upon it/not that inspired by it. Try this…go on the internet, & print out a few of the songs you hear them singing or rapping. Give it to them. Tell them this is poetry with a beat. Yes, the very songs they know forward & backwards…is nothing but poetry. Many of our youth so worried about being singers and rappers. Ask them who do they think get the major share out of a CD, moneywise from a $17 CD. The answer is the writer and the publisher. The artist is the last one to touch the money from the CD. The writer makes at least $6-$7. The publisher the same.

What if we inspire our children to be writers, singers/rappers & the publishers?


Poetry & Children’s Mental Building

Teach your children little short poems way before they start to read. It is best to have them memorize poems that rhyme. It sticks in their minds better. We must build up the children’s memories.

Later on…have them recite the poems back to you. Have them memorize a poem a week. Or a poem every two weeks. We can have them do this right after they learn a few words. It does not even matter if they only have a few words in their vocabulary.

If they learn a poem a week, that’s 52 poems a year. If they learn a poem every 2 weeks, that’s 26 poems a year. If they learn a poem a month, that’s 12 poems a year. Use your own discretion.

We must must not underestimate what our children have the capacity to learn. Our children can handle pretty much anything we work with them with.

Parents are the 1st Teachers.


Reading Deeper Than Surface Level

We must inspire our children to Love Reading. But, that is not going to happen with Boring Reading Material. Find something they have an interest in–half of the work is done. Children must also see adults around them reading. How can we expect children to fall in love with reading–if the house filled with a bunch of off-the-wall talk of grown people & no grown up reading going on?

Reading is about more than just surface reading. Reading is about extracting the meanings out of the words. Going below the surface and pulling out what the writer is trying to get across. Writers use many tools to paint pictures through words. Literal & Figurative Language, Context Clues, etc.

Ask the children questions about the material they read. Get them in the habit of expressing themselves orally and on paper.-