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How Storytelling is Not Dead & How “Smart Phones” Can Really Be Used to Be Smart & Productive

Storytelling is not gone forever because of tight beats & hook filled songs & reality shows.

There are some great writers putting out some great material in the form of plays, movies, monologues, podcasts, blogs, poetry, spoken word poetry, documentaries, relevant songs & raps, literary reviews, essays & many other forms.

Make sure your children & teens read a lot. Reading is powerful.

The children & teens have smart phones & tablets. Make sure they don’t just play games on them.

People call phones”Smart Phones.” I agree. They are SMART PHONES. If used in productive ways. These phones & tablets are very productive tools, if used productively.

Here are some of the things Phones & Tablets can be used to make:

* Films
* Podcasts
* Books (Print & Ebook)
* Blogs
* Movies & Documentaries & other types films
* Music
* Art
* Photography
* Audio Engineering
* Video Editing
* Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.)
Much More


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How to Get Solid Trade Education for Little or Nothing Damage to Your Pockets & Piggy Bank

A lot of books you can get for Free on Amazon Kindle. There is a thing called Amazon KDP. Which boils down to Authors in attempt to build a Readership will give their Ebooks Away for Free 5 times or more in a 90 day Period.

Open an Amazon Kindle Account and Put in The Keyword to a Trade you want to learn and put in Free or Price range you want to spend.

You can get a lot of Free Ebooks from Amazon like this.

Next time you look around, months later, that same Ebook you got for Free, might be $4.99-$14.99 or more.

* Another way to self-learn is Youtube.

* Talk to people who been in the trade a long time and see if they might want an apprentice. Or ask them can you help out at the trade shops.

* Buy Books & Research on the Internet & checkout books at the library.

* Rent Instructional Videos.

Never Quit Learning.
***—>> This world is not a joke. It is hard as concrete. Inspire the youth toward hobbies, skills, trades, manufacturing & production.

Make sure the youth can use their minds & hands to invent, create, build, produce and manufacture.

Inspire them to learn how to record vocal, mix & master audio–audio engineering.

Inspire them to draw, scan their artwork or take photos of it with fancy expensive phone and tablets–>> smart phones–get the artwork in the computer or app on phone or tablet and design a logo–clothing line design.

Inspire the children to sew clothes & make outfits to wear.

Inspire them to put model cars together or electronic plane kits–mechanical & electrical engineering.

Inspire them to edit video & photos they take with their phones & tablets, write a script, get their friends to act out the parts–screenwriting & film director.


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“Name a Book that’s Changed Your Life”/–Push Nevahda Review’s Response


It Depends on the subject matter really.

James Baldwin certainly sent me somewhere, a place I’m still trying to reconcile. But Cornel West’s critical essay (in he and Gates’ Future of the Race) “Black Strivings in a Twilight Civilization” had the most profound affect on my critical thinking, taught me a collection of value lessons inasmuch as how to assess black worth, love, value and commitment to the struggle, and how in fact the struggle is defined, and tantamount to other ethnic/racial ones at the international level – and the role the artist must play. The centrality of Jazz, Blues, Toni Morrison and John Coltrane’s connection to Tolstoy and other Russian artists.

Playwrights Arthur Miller, Ibsen, Albee, Hansberry spoke to my question of how to write the truth about people and places, how to pull back the layers and examine who and what we really are as human beings – Samuel Beckett’s tragicomedy, “Waiting for Godot”, sent me further in existential wrestling with the question of God. Toni Morrison and August Wilson changed my life too. Eric Williams (Capitalism & Slavery), John Blassingame’s (The Slave Community),  Manning Marable, all their works are  indispensable to my understanding of how I think about history, the black predicament (then and now), and how we arrived at this present point. But Baldwin had the broadest, most human meditation on love. “The Fire Next Time” (and Albert Raboteau’s “Slave Religion”, and Charles Mann’s “1491”) answered many questions which had worried me at the moment . And there are many other books. There can never be one single book.

Push Nevahda Review

Paperback & Hardback Books in a Technology Age

There is nothing like a Paperback & Hardback Book.

Many publishers having to compete with what’s going on in the Tech World. Writers are starting to put out their own books, cutting out the Middle Man. Keeping Money in their own pockets.

Readers not spending on physical books like they used to. Many readers now reading books for cheaper on digital devices and can carry a whole library of books on a digital devices. Thus reading more.

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White Screen Nooks & Kindles -vs-Color Nooks, Kindles, Ipads & Samsung Tablets for Reading

The Amazon Kindles are Great. The Ipads are Great. The Samsung Tablets are Great. The Barnes and Noble Nooks are Great. They all have Color Screens. Important for Apps & Videos Viewing.

But, if you are a Hardcore Reader, go for the Nooks & Kindles with the White Screens. The Battery Life is Much Better. Maybe 2X-3X Better. You can Read on them without Glares & in any kind of Lighting without tilting the Monitor a Certain Way to get Better Lighting. The Color Monitors are Very difficult to Read Outside in Sunlight. Many times, you have to adjust the Brightness level on Color Screens.

Overall, the White Screen Nooks & Kindles are a Better Reading Experience, Less Strain on Your Eyes & Better Battery Life.

In many ways, it is the closest we will get to Reading a Physical Book in A Digital Age.

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Relevant Education on Many Levels

School is not enough for Youth. They must learn trades. Jobs ain’t knocking on doors. Teach them to be financially sharp too. 

Find out what your child has a passion for, other than sports & entertainment.

Help develop it. Inspire them to 1 day make into a business.

What happen to Trades in School?

Without a trade, people in bad shape. We go down roads we never thought we would to survive. 

Talking Intelligent don’t mean anything, if we can’t survive in a hardcore world. We must all build our toolkit of skill sets.

No money or time to go back to school. Read, study, talk to old people, become apprentice, buy Kindle/Tablet, Download Free Ebooks from Amazon, Internet, etc.

People go to College, listen to Professors lecture, read, study, & take tests. What if you don’t have money or time for College?