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(Jewels4dmind’s)–Keith Turner/–“Freedom Train Radio Interview”/–Oct. 15, 2014

Keith Turner (Jewels4dmind’s)
“Freedom Train Radio Interview”
Oct. 15, 2014

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Reading Mastery

Reading is so much more than Calling Out Words & Sounding Good while we do.

Masterful Reading is Going Beneath the Words & Pulling Out the Exact Meanings to the Words.

Surface Reading is Shallow.

Breakdown African Proverbs, Poems, Song Lyrics, Old People Sayings, Street Slang, Catchy Quotes by People.

Strip the Figurative Language Away to Get to The Literal Language, meaning the Exact Meanings of the Figurative Language. Work on doing that like A Pro Basketball Player that comes to the Gym with the Janitor Early in the Morning.

While the Janitor does their Job in the Gym before Daybreak, the Pro Basketball Player shoots Free Throws, Go through Shooting Jumpers from All Around the Court, Drives to the Board, does Crossovers as if a Defender is On them.

What I am driving at is this, we must do the same thing when it comes to becoming Masterful Readers. We got to get to the Gym of Reading Early. We got to Put the Hardwork In. We Must Drill. We Must Drill. We Must Drill.

8:14 am

My Boyhood Treehouse…Start of Writer’s Mindset, even before becoming a Writer (A Memoir)

My Father was A Legendary High School Football & Basketball Coach & Teacher in North Florida. But, one Memory out of many that stand out in my Mind is this:

When I was about 9 years old, He built me a Treehouse in the Front Side Yard by the Main Street.

The Treehouse didn’t have sides or Top. It was Just A Floor. But, that was Great by Me. He put a ladder to the Treehouse on one of the Trees holding up the Treehouse.

As he built me the treehouse, he let me help him build it & we had good conversation as always.

My father never talked baby talk to me, even when I was a very small boy. He talked to me about real things. Shared his mind with me. Shared things with me, way ahead of my years.

After school, I would go up in the Treehouse & do my homework. Even took my German Shepard puppy named “Champ” up there with me. I always had my portable Radio with Me, listening to Soul Music. I took books up there, toys, all kind of stuff. I loved that Treehouse.

I was able to think up in that Treehouse. Think All kind of Thoughts. I loved stories then. I love stories now. My father was a great storyteller & he told me many stories. Stories of his childhood. Stories of his time as A Buffalo Soldier, fighting against the Germans in Italy & North Africa & The Japanese in the Philipines. He told me of his College Days at Bethune Cookman & stories about his many Championship teams over the years.

While in the Treehouse, I often dreamed of the things I would do when I got older. Instead of looking at it as a Treehouse, I looked at it as “My Dream House.”
It takes discipline as a writer to write for long hours without anyone around. If you can’t get off to yourself & concentrate & think & write as a writer, you won’t make it as a writer. I was able to get a good start with a writer’s mindset with my Treehouse way back then.

When friends came over, if I laid flat, they could not even see me. Sometimes, I would scare the mess out them jokers. Especially at night.

That Treehouse was a Chill Spot for Me.

Great Times.

12:32 pm

Singer-Songwriter, Poet, Raphael Ashanti Interview on his “Love & Life” Album & Music Industry Nuggets wt Radio Personality Wilfredo Rodriguez on GemricoRadio

Singer-Songwriter, Poet Raphael Ashanti talks about his brand new album release “Love & Life” and shares music industry nuggets and jewels4Dmind on Chicago based podcast with Radio Personality Wilfredo Rodriguez on GemricoRadio. A must hear for independent artists.



Wilfredo C Rodriguez

GRAPHIC DESIGNER—————International Academy of Design and Technology )
BA FINE ARTS———————–Sanford Brown College)
INDIE FOR LIFE WEBZINE——– The Independent Music Magazine )
GEMRICORADIOWEBCAST——-Internet Radio Station for Indie Artist )
LCQ MAGAZINE———————Local Community Quarterly Magazine )
DJ MAC DIGITAL, GEMRICO——Dj, Artist, Radio Host, )

“The Lost Tapes” by Nas/–Classic Hip-Hop


Long Live Ruby Dee, the Boss.

I’m sad to hear of the Death of Ruby Dee. But, she lives forever in her works.  She was 1 of my favorite artist. But, so was Maya Angelou, Gordon Parks, Amiri Baraka, Gil Scott-Heron & others who have died in Recent Years. I celebrate their lives, Read their works, Inspired by their works, Share their works & tell others about them, young to old.

Ruby, the Ultimate Artist, Freedom Fighter. She put our people rise over even her art. She & Ossie were punished for being involved in the Civil Rights movement. Black (White-Listed) from Broadway & Hollywood. But, they took their Art to Black Churches & Black Colleges & Black Communities, learned to make movies themselves, wrote scripts & started a underground movemnt & got buzz going & more fans. Hollywood & Broadway, came at them again. But, now, Ruby & Ossie were the Bosses.

Long Live Ruby Dee, the Boss.

3:47 pm

A Look at Classic Hip-Hop/–“Stressed Out”-feat. Faith Evans/–From The Legendary MC J-Dilla’s “Slum Village Collection”


Something to Get Your Day Kicked Off: Classic Hip-Hop from the Legendary MC (J-Dilla’s)
* “Slum Village Collection”.

* “Stressed Out (Baby Phife Version- Full) Featuring Faith Evans”

*Mp3 Download Link
Stressed Out–feat. Faith Evans

J-Dilla was/is (I say “is” because he still lives through his timeless music, even though he physically died a few years ago) A Timeless MC/Producer & Lyricist.

If you not familiar with him, I beg of you to get familiar wt his work. Timeless Art. Google him. Go to Youtube. Look into his timeless music, lyrics & beats.

Research the artists careers he helped to kick off to another hemisphere.

In this song, listen to the lyrics. Listen to the storytelling. Listen J-Dilla Awesome Beat & the relevant lyrics of the artists.

We got to get back to storytelling & relevant lyrics in our music.

Today’s beats are tight. No doubt that. But, we got to lift our lyrical game back up to Profoundness.

Our ancestors, at the bottom of the slave ships said “one day, we coming up.”

We have risen to the occasion in every generation in The Wild Wild West. I believe in Us.

We will rise to the occasion. Let’s Go.

7:21 am

Chester Himes, A Literary Genius.

I am Reading Chester Himes Autobiography–“My Life of Absurdity”. Volume 2 of his 2 Volumes of Autobiography.

I read Volume 1
“The Quality of Hurt” a few years ago.

Last Week. His Novel
“Cotton Comes to Harlem”

A few months ago
“The Collected Short Stories of Chester Himes”

He wrote 18 Novels & 2 Volumes of Autobiography & many Short Stories.

* A Prolific Writer.

Best known probably as creator of 2 rough neck Harlem Detectives named “Coffin Ed Smith” & “Gravedigger Jones.”

The detectives featured in his famous film “Cotton Comes to Harlem”, based on his novels “Cotton Comes to Harlem” & “Come Back, Charleston Blue”

He stories represents the best in storytelling. They move fast, well thought out & actioned packed.

Chester Himes. A Literary Genius.

3:02 pm

Who Plans to Have Their Children Reading This Summer?/–I Hope Everyone.

Make Sure Your Children Read during the Summer. Don’t let them get Rusty. Reading, Writing & Math.

The children should keep their reading, writing & math up over the Summer.

Don’t let them get lazy or rusty.

Make sure they read 1 or 2 books minimum a month.

Give them book reports. Oral & Written. Other wise, they might just surface read the books. But, if they know they will have to give a book report, oral & written, they will read the books with great care & read to understand understand & retain what they are reading.

10:19 am

Great Old School Music

Great Old School Music brings whole movies worth of memories back to our minds. That’s why I love music so much. The stories they tell. MUSIC, OLD SCHOOL MUSIC had Profound Lyrics. Words that had meaning. Words that were Relevant Then & Now.

Unfortunately, much of the Music we hear today is 3 word songs. Hook Filled Songs. Songs based on an Instant Grit Society. You know music is good when teens can hear an old school song and be cool with it. Some even make mixed tapes from the old school album crate. Some Beat Makers chop & dice the old school music and put samples in the new school music.

Yes, 1 Song has the ability to transcend time back to special places in our hearts & minds.

12:19 am