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Hip-Hop Music on Its Highest Level

Hip-Hop Music on Its Highest Level

Why do we still believe in Fairytales?
no matter d Age
caught up
in Mental & Physical Cages, Fads & Rages
we should b leaving glorious marks in d History Pages
that’s hard though in a world like this
so much Ignorance Bliss
hit us in d mouth,
right hand fist
So much built on Sport & Play
by d time we learn d game
head full of Grey
dumb stuff rule our lives everyday
God created us 2 b Masters on Earth
but we come into a world
where we never reach full worth
shiny things & diamond rings
put our minds in d sky
while we inside cry
joy & pain
neither 1
stay 2 long
so much precious time,
sex games
men & women play
both wrong
instant gratification
lies & miseducation
preachers in d pulpits
hands out
4 dollars & change
nobody breaking down a Unity Plan
Long Range
seems 2 b our lot
we in d hot pot
our children
never getting real education
mental rot
lies thrown in they face 4rm day 1
we wonder why so many carry d gun
guys glorified
4rm Bunny & Clyde–2 Scar Face–2 Al Capone
this Hell Right Here
doing right,
ain’t glorified
it’s kicked in d behind,
year after year
no wonder we can’t get in gear
d only real news
is in D Hip-Hop Underground
this crap called News
made 4 a Clown
Conscious Hip-Hop Music
is about Real Liberation
Rap, Love, Trap & Club Music
is what it is
made to dumb d people down
so Big Money Boyz
keep money bags loaded 2 d ground
our minds
messed up
not mentally sound
Real Music
never touch d Radio
so minds light up 4 Real
Real Artists
catch hell
paying d basic bills
but dat righteous word b on em–still
in they music
Knowledge & Inspiration Spill.








1)–Inspiring Our Children to Love Reading

2)–Reading Mastery

3)–Who Plans to Have Their Children Reading This Summer?/–I Hope Everyone.

4)–Is Your Child A Surface Reader or Advanced Reader?

5)–Inspiring Children to Read in A Technology Age

6–“Reading to Children Very Early Is Important”/–by: Darrick Linton

7)–Tupuc was an Avid Reader. Look at his Reading List. “Forward Thinking”

8)–Mastery of Reading of Black Children through Poetry & African Proverbs

9)–Inspire Reading & Writing Among The Youth a Different Way. Test Preparation Reading Boring to Many.


Poetry & Early Children’s Education

Teach your children little short poems way before they start to read. It is best to have them memorize poems that rhyme. It sticks in their minds better. We must build up the children’s memories.

Later on…have them recite the poems back to you. Have them memorize a poem a week. Or a poem every two weeks. We can have them do this right after they learn a few words. It does not even matter if they only have a few words in their vocabulary. So what if they are still just baby talking.

If they learn a poem a week, that’s 52 poems a year. If they learn a poem every 2 weeks, that’s 26 poems a year. If they learn a poem a month, that’s 12 poems a year. Use your own discretion.

We must not underestimate what our children have the capacity to learn. Our children can handle pretty much anything we work with them with.

Take Charge of Your Post, Dear Parents. Parents are the 1st Teachers.


Watch NIKKI GIOVANNI – “Ego Tripping”

NIKKI GIOVANNI – “Ego Tripping”

Spoken Word Piece in Honor of Wise Black Men Mentors (Fire Spittas) in My Life…

Black Boys & Young Men Must Have Mentors.

Mentors (Fire Spittas) are Older Men in Our Communities that Keep It Real. That Break The Real from The UnReal Down.

They might not even have a High School Diploma or College Degree, but just Might be some of the Smartest & Realist Men We Ever Met.

Young Brothers got to seek them out & Mothers or Women got to Love the Young Brothers enough or see the importance of connecting the young brothers with the older Fire Spittas…Keep It Real Brothers.

This will put some type of balance in the young brothers minds. When confronted with tough situations, when backs are pushed up against the wall, they will learn how to think through these times in another platform than how they might have come up around when fathers are gone and many times they hear a lot of yelling or emotional responses.

Hook the Older Fire Spitting Brothers up with the Young Lions. 

7:17 am
2 Major things happen when Young Brothers Linked wt Fire Spittas….there will be less Young Brothers Killing Each Other & Feminine Ways in Brothers will start to Diminish.

Believe it or Not, Emotionalism & quick pop off of the mouths in heated situations sometimes cause killings of young brothers among each other. A lot of huffed up talk that ain’t going to amount to much but the other brother getting intimadated by words in a heated conversation….Wolf Talking or Talking Big, but might not be able to do that much technically wt the hands–so guns start popping.

Hook the young brothers up wt older guys wt trades, always doing something productive & producing something or manufacturing something on their own terms. The (Fire Spittas) got plenty to share wt the young lions to calm them down. Getting their minds focused & productive.

8:12 am


Fire Spittas Reach D Youth wt Profound Truth

Life’s Ups & Downs/–We Learn from Both & Keep It Moving.

Life something, ain’t it?
ups & & downs 4 sho
thru it all,
we still flo
how else we gon grow?
money saved up
& just that quick,
we blow
even then,
we gotta go wt d flo
pain in d brain
make us grow
life lessons,
ain’t no walk in d park
life bright & dark
beautiful waters & filled wt sharks
easy or hard
life lessons,