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​”New Edition” Memories by Zhana Roiya

I can remember being on the NE Heartbreak tour….singing with the opening act Al-B-Sure!  We usually left the venue before the headliner hit the stage cause not only was the hotel not close to the venue but, the bus taking us back to our hotel left right after we performed.  

On one occasion the hotel was walking distance from the venue I stayed to watch not only Bobby but NE.  Bobby was so electric…commanding the stage and whipping the crowd into a frenzy.   He was Dynamic.  But when New Edition hit the stage………I saw something that caused my jaw to drop.  These boys or men were so polished and clean in their delivery I could barely move or tear my eyes away.   Brook had them so Polished and suave.  When “Can You Stand the Rain” come on.   A set of 4 mics came descending from the rafters right into their designated spots of each member as soon as it hit the marks they hit their moves as soon as the first note fell.  The lighting designers were so magical as they set the dreamy mood. With sparkling LED lights everywhere. It was set in midnight blue.  I could watch that show every night and not get bored.  Even the musicians were so on point.   

I was saddened to know that Ralph had a separate tour bus from the  other members and no longer spoke once off stage and that Bobby and the others also were at odds. Security kept them well away from each other.  I remember being threatened with being fired from my gig if I rode on any of their buses (I wanted to get to my home town faster to see my parents and our bus was leaving so late that we would have gotten there way into the night where Bobbys bus was arriving by early am)  It was for the best looking in hindsight… that bus was probably out of control.  Our group always had a very family vibe.  I love the crew who worked with us they always looked out for us girls and  Partly in fact that the guys in our band let it be known that The singers were all to be treated with respect or face the wrath of our musicians who tolerated no nonsense or disrespect from any of them towards us we were like family..sisters to them. (thank you Kaleb, Spanador) It was a magical experience for me.  I learned a lot and I came away with great memories.

Zhana Roiya

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“New Edition” Memories by Zhana Roiya

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Watch “Gil Scott-Heron TV Performance (Rare) on “Ossie and Ruby”


* Watch “Gil Scott-Heron TV Performance (Rare) on “Ossie and Ruby” (Pt.2)”

* Watch “Gil Scott-Heron TV Performance (Rare) on “Ossie and Ruby” (Pt. 3)”

What’s the Difference between A MC & A Rapper?

There is a difference between A MC & A Rapper. MC’s lyrics are Relevant. The Lyrics tell stories. They hit points, educate & bring light on propaganda, they inspire, they rock the crowd, their flow is unprecedented, they have technical skills, if need be in the studio.

Much of what is called “Rap” is nothing but mindless noise with a tight beat & a catchy hook.

We have many MC’s that are Profound. But, you won’t hear them on the Radio too much. They move like guerilla fighters in the stealth of the night. Jungle boots pulled tight. Rucksack light, dropping jewels (Knowledge & Inspiration) on the people, so they see d light, 3rd Eye, Right?

Look up Dead Prez, The Roots, Big Krit, Lauryn Hill, Black Ice (Spoken Word Artist–his album–“The Death of Willie Lynch), Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Cassidy, 9th Wonder, Phonte, Lil Brother, Rakim, Nas, Sockko (Female Spoken Word Artist, double check name), J-Dilla, Andre 3000, Big Boi & Outkast, Goodie Mobb, and many more.

Many of Today’s RAPPERS, starting to wear outfits/circus costumes, too cute for even our girls or women. The girls or women even look at the circus outfits and say “unt uh, chile, what in d world dat mess he got on, on stage?”

Blond wigs on the sisters. Even though we were blessed wt the ultimate reception devices in the universe. Kinky, Black Hair. Ultimate Powerful.

Music has to be liberating. Art period. Before school, we learn much through songs. The first learning institutions, passed down to us from our parents, way before we introduced to books. Life lessons, wrapped in the song lyrics. Stories wrapped in the lyrics.

Look to the Underground MC’s & Spoken Word Artists for Profound Words of Relevance & Share them with The Youth.

6:18 pm

Music Not for Dancing This Time

Black People have always been into music for millions of years. But, the Black Man & Woman in America—took music to another level. We have always played music on instruments, with our voices, or—on anything we could get our hands on. We make beautiful music from all kind of sources.

In the 20th century, the Black Man & Woman in America did something kind of different. Music for many millions of years have been used as entertainment.

In the 1930’s and 40’s—certain Black Jazz & Blues Musicians & Singers took the Mathematics of Music to another level. The music was not used for entertainment, making people dance, get up and have a good time. This time, the music was used for the people to sit down and listen, to wake the world up to the fact that the Black Man & Woman was not going to be copied so easily this time by imitators.

Charlie Parker would make sure of that, Dizzy Gillespie would make sure of that. Miles Davis would make sure of that, Max Roach, Art Blakely, Dexter Gordon, Coleman Hawkins, Clifford Brown, Chick Webb, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, and many others would make sure of that. This music craft set the trend like never before.

Bringing the music on up to present times with Rap or stories over the top of hard hitting beats from the 60’s-70’s with Curtis Mayfield, the Impressions, Gil Scott-Heron, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Steve Wonder, Bob Marley, The Last Poets.

Then, the 80’s Rakim, KRS-1, Public Enemy, and other Conscious Rappers, the 90’s—Nas, Common, Mos Def, Dead Prez, Lauryn Hill, Killah Priest, Immortal Technique, and many other MC’s. This type music was not for dancing, but passing the light (Knowledge).

6:41 am

Hip-Hop Music on Its Highest Level

Hip-Hop Music on Its Highest Level

Why do we still believe in Fairytales?
no matter d Age
caught up
in Mental & Physical Cages, Fads & Rages
we should b leaving glorious marks in d History Pages
that’s hard though in a world like this
so much Ignorance Bliss
hit us in d mouth,
right hand fist
So much built on Sport & Play
by d time we learn d game
head full of Grey
dumb stuff rule our lives everyday
God created us 2 b Masters on Earth
but we come into a world
where we never reach full worth
shiny things & diamond rings
put our minds in d sky
while we inside cry
joy & pain
neither 1
stay 2 long
so much precious time,
sex games
men & women play
both wrong
instant gratification
lies & miseducation
preachers in d pulpits
hands out
4 dollars & change
nobody breaking down a Unity Plan
Long Range
seems 2 b our lot
we in d hot pot
our children
never getting real education
mental rot
lies thrown in they face 4rm day 1
we wonder why so many carry d gun
guys glorified
4rm Bunny & Clyde–2 Scar Face–2 Al Capone
this Hell Right Here
doing right,
ain’t glorified
it’s kicked in d behind,
year after year
no wonder we can’t get in gear
d only real news
is in D Hip-Hop Underground
this crap called News
made 4 a Clown
Conscious Hip-Hop Music
is about Real Liberation
Rap, Love, Trap & Club Music
is what it is
made to dumb d people down
so Big Money Boyz
keep money bags loaded 2 d ground
our minds
messed up
not mentally sound
Real Music
never touch d Radio
so minds light up 4 Real
Real Artists
catch hell
paying d basic bills
but dat righteous word b on em–still
in they music
Knowledge & Inspiration Spill.


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NIKKI GIOVANNI – “Ego Tripping”

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Gemstones “Elephant In The Room”


“God In Rome (FreeStyle) – “BLIND ELEPHANT”

“Gemstones”- Temple (BLIND ELEPHANT)”

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